Kenya team is all together finally!

The Indianapolis part of the Kenya team finally left Indianapolis for Chicago 1 1/2 hours late last night and just made the flight to London.  Already on the flight was Linda Burton from Houston.  Finally, the whole team is together.  Everyone handled the long flight to London well, even the ‘first time flyers’.

Today has been a ‘hurry up an wait’ as we have a 9 hour layover in London.

Everyone is still looking forward to God’s leading when we land in Nairobi at 6:30 AM Nairobi time (11:30 PM Sunday Indianapolis time) on Monday morning.

Please continue to  hold the team up in prayer.

(Posted by Jim Baker)

5 responses to “Kenya team is all together finally!

  • Myron El

    The Prayer of relinquishment–I John 2:17

    A demanding spirit, with self will as it’s rudder, blocks prayer….. the reason for this is that God absolutely refuses to violate our free will. Therefore, unless self will is voluntarily given up, even God cannot move o answer prayer… Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane is a pattern for us. “Dear father.. Please let me not have to drink this cup, yet it is not what I want, but what you want.”(Luke 22:42) Even at the moment when Christ was bowing to the possibility of an awful death by crucifixion, he never forgot either the presence or the power of God. The prayer of relinquishment must not be interpreted negatively. It does not let us lie down in the dust of a Godless universe and steel ourselves just for the worst. rather it says: “This is my situation at the moment, I’ll face the reality of it, but I’ll also accept willingly whatever a loving Father sends.” (Catherine Marshall 1914-1983)

    My prayer is that you continue to stand firm in God’s will for your life, letting Him use you mightily for the salvation of others.

    Love You!!

  • Myron El

    Dear God, who is the source of our strength, give this mission team a new understanding of your power so that they will be empowered to do your will. Give them the wisdom to make decisions that will result in others being miraculously helped to their feet. Teach them the difference between easy decisions made for the purpose of personal comforts, and difficult decisions that will bring hardships but give new life to those we so easily ignore. Please give the leaders of this team new heights of compassion and commitment that will lead to moments filled with wonder and amazement at what can happen through obedience and complete surrender to your will.

  • Myron El

    Eternal God, who has through the years always opened your Spirit to your ambassadors, hear me this hour as I come to you on behalf of those serving as missionaries in Kenya. How I pray that they might rediscover the joy that comes in faithfulness and sacrifice!
    I know that they are overwhelmed, I know they are tired. But Lord, I pray that as the people of Kenya come seeking you and your touch that they will find you through these bold missionaries. I pray that the people of Kenya will receive the forgiveness, healing, joy, and peace that we all share. In His spirit. Amen

  • Myron El

    Precious Lord, I come to you this day praying for those on this trip who have hidden gifts that will be miraculously revealed. There are some on this team with undiscovered talents buried within themselves. Reach into their lives, O God, and release their potential. Reach into their hearts and show them how to be an instrument that enables release to happen. I pray that when this release happens lives will be affected and your kingdom glorified! Amen

  • Myron El

    Praise be to God the Father, the author and finisher of our faith. Grant this team the ability to persevere through what may seem to be at this point a tough week. I pray that your grace and power is revealed with each interaction and with hearts opened to the compassion and love you feel for us souls will be saved! Amen

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