Ann & Sophia

Ann & Sophia

Today we met Sophia (right). She was in the sixth grade when her mother brought her to Bondeni. Sophia was to live with her aunt to relieve her family’s problems. Sadly, Sophia’s aunt was abusive and eventually kicked Sophia out of her home. Sophia is homeless and is bouncing from one home to the next. She has no idea how to get in touch with her mother or return home. Sophia is in the sixth grade.

After our conversation, Ann sat on the bench outside the home speechless. She hears stories like these on a daily basis. She wants to fix them all but how can she? How is she supposed to reunite a girl and her mother? How is she supposed to bring fathers back to their families? How is she supposed to provide work for everyone in the slum? The need is great and her resources are limited.

You can imagine that it would be easy to burn out. Each social worker is young and committed. But it wouldn’t take much to exhaust their fervor. Pray for Ann and her fellow social workers as they change lives one at a time.

One response to “Ann & Sophia

  • J

    Dear Lord,

    We pray for Ann and her fellow workers. Help them not to burn out. Help them see you and how you are working in them and through them. Give them strength, courage and wisdom for each person they encounter. Thank you for the example and challenge they give us in our own life.

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