Today was our second full day in the Bondeni slum and I started to feel a little more at ease with being there. I spent both days going out with fellow team members and case workers doing Bring the Light. I didn’t really expect to be spending most of my time doing that but it’s turned out to be more of blessing than I ever imagined. We spent close to two and a half hours in a home today explaining to them the importance of HIV/AIDs awareness and testing and then sharing the Gospel with them. The people here are so receptive and open to having you in their homes and this group of people in particular were extremely interested in what we had to say. Steve, who is the pastor at the Bondeni church, talked with them for a little while also and two of them were saved and two others said that they would come to church. It’s so encouraging to see people’s receptiveness.

Shout out to my small group, thanks for all your prayers. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me, it has been extremely stretching for me to speak to people so openly. Please continue to pray that we can openly share with the people and that we would make an impact on their community.

3 responses to “Stretching

  • stephaniegarwood

    Yesssss! Thanks for the shout out, Laura. 🙂 We’ll be praying tonight.

  • Sheri El

    It’s amazing to see how God uses the unexpected to challenge us and move us out of our comfort zone. It is in those times that we see the great power of our God at work and get to exercise our true dependence upon Him. Regardless of how fearful and helpless we may fill, we are not hopeless. You, me and the people of Bondeni can find our confidence in the presence of God. To all of the Bondeni Team – thank you for allowing God to “stretch” you this week in ways that ultimately help others know who Jesus is – He is mighty to save!


  • Jeff Miller

    Way to represent, Laura! We are fully behind you! 🙂 If you’re not being stretched then something is wrong. Keep allowing God to work in and through you.


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