The Right Team

The TPCC Team that is in Kenya is, for the most part, a bunch of ROOKIES!  We have some that have never flown before (and now are half way through a 8,000 mile trip).  I do not believe that we have any that have been to Africa before.

But, they are the RIGHT team for this trip!

We have Dance teachers that begin teaching dance as soon as we arrive at the Bondeni school and do not quit until it is time to board the van back to the hotel.  They are teaching in an non-air conditioned room, with a concrete floor.  They are teaching for as much as four hours at a time without a break.  But, if you could see the children dance!  How could you quit?  The TPCC team even has the Bondeni staff dancing.  On Saturday the team will be going to Jaska, a boarding high school apart from the slum where there will be more dance to be done.  Sunday there will be dancing at the Bondeni church service and then again on Monday when the TPCC team gets to present shoes that the children and youth of TPCC purchased for the children of Bondeni.

Then there are the TPCC teachers.  If you could imagine a classroom that could not be much more than 10 x 15 with 30 – 40 desks and probably more children in it, with no air conditioning, no artifical light, and much outside noise.  This does not make for a quality educational environment.  But our teachers have been in these classroom from start to the end of the day.  They have been able to work with the teachers and with the children.  This is after the TPCC teachers had collected 12 large duffle bags full of books and teaching aids that have now been added to the Mission of Hope International education arsenal.

Last but not least with have our High School Youth Pastor, who will be preaching in the Bondeni church service on Sunday July 4th,  and four on-fire young men.  These guys will talk to anybody at any time about Jesus and God’s plan for salvation.  They are fearless and now on the front lines for God in the slums of Bondeni.  They have been an integral part of the Bring the Light, which is more about Son Light than sun light.

The Bring the Light teams, as many as 12 of us at a time, go from tin house to tin house proclaiming God’s love and the ability to live a healthy and redeemed life.  This is being on the front line in God’s army and the TPCC team is right there, not flinching, not backing down, proclaiming that God cares, loves and accepts.

Who is your team, here are their names, please continue to hold them up in prayre as the next time they get a day off is when they get back on the airplane to come home.

  • Jake Barker
  • Linda Burton
  • Laura Bukowski
  • Kristen Edwards
  • Stephen George
  • Cameron Harris
  • Debi Huskins
  • April Jamerson
  • Natalie Rowe
  • Stephanie Senac
  • Kate Slinger
  • Britney Sutherin
  • Laura Swartzentruber
  • Josiah Swinney
  • Zach Taylor
  • Betty Baker
  • Jim Baker

This team is the team that God challenged to undertake the front lines in Nairobi for TPCC at this time and they have accepted that challenge and are the RIGHT team.  Please continue to pray for them as Satan continues to give many of them reason to be distracted, but to no avail.

(Posted by Jim Baker)

5 responses to “The Right Team

  • Lisa Baker Davis

    Rookies with a heart of gold! Thank you for listening to your calling and allowing yourself to be used in such a special way. Thanks for the names of the team so that we may pray for them individually! Keep up the great work! Love you, Lisa

  • Myron El

    WOW! You are so right. God knows what he is doing and he chose just the right people at the right time in their life to take on this mission. I am in awe of what God is doing with you in Kenya. I know from first hand what it is like when an opportunity to serve comes along but flesh gets in the way of accepting that call. For all of you, the Spirit spoke–you listened–and obeyed. Praise God!!

  • Mark Harris

    Thank you for the updates and the photos. We are praying for all of you. Praying that both the mission you are on and the mission within you are producing fruits of the Spirit.

    Be Blessed and Praise Him!

  • Terry Taylor

    The right team at the right place in the right time – God planned it all! It sounds like you guys are doing an awesome job at sharing God’s love and truth! Praise Him for leading and thank you for following. My prayer for all of you is that may the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. (2 Thes. 2:16-17)

  • WandiaMaringa

    A great people with great,big hearts that have left the staff in awe and the kids with happiness untold.Even the very young that do not understand actually feel this group!God has actually used this group n all glory goes back to Him.LONG LIVE TPCC,LONG LIVE BONDENI.

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