I am not sure where to even begin. It has been a couple of interesting days in Bondeni. There have been numerous joyous moments, but also doses of reality that really shook me. Here are just a couple of stories:

We had 16 people crowded into a house smaller than my kitchen who were very appreciative to hear about HIV.  As they were listening, a couple of kids were playing in the floor.  One of them was not even 3 years old, and he was playing with a razor blade. No one cared.

Movine, who is 18 years old, a widow, and mother of Jeffery (a 2 year old), informed me that there is no work in Kenya. She showed me where the young men brew the alcohol on the river. They go down there, brew, and get drunk. They sleep in the dirty water and sewage. Some of them die down there and they just throw them in the river…then use that same water to brew. They all share the same jug and have TB, just passing it on…

However, Phellyme was born again today because she said God visited her today.  We brought the light to her house. Josephine was saved today and prayed that her husband be saved too.  Yesterday, I asked Margaret if she can really see a change in the community by what we’re doing.  She said yes because there aren’t as many people drunk in the street, the school is growing, and the church is growing. God is doing some powerful things in Bondeni.

God also moved in my heart today. I decided to sponsor a young girl named Ann, who is in the 1st grade and has a brother named Ian, whom Kristen is sponsoring. Both of their parents are HIV positive. I ask that you pray for her. I am very excited.  The kids are such a joy and they just pull at your heart so much.

I wish I could put into adequate words what is happening here, but I just can’t…

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