God’s abundant love and grace

It’s very difficult to put in words and summarize the last few days.  But what has been so apparent to me, is God’s abundant love and grace.  Through the moments of being in the classroom and the home visits in the Bondeni, I’ve been overwhelmed by God’s love.

We were able to bring close to 60 pre-school students out in the courtyard yesterday to read stories, sing songs, blow bubbles, and parachute.  It was a little crazy, but such joy to see their smiling faces and laughter.  Today I had the privilege of visiting a few classrooms and modeling some reading/writing lessons and interact more with the teachers.  The teachers are so receptive and have the desire to learn the best practice for their students.  I had a long conversation with Lynn, who works at the school.  I praise God for such serving hearts of the Bondeni staff  and knowing that this generation of kids are learning about God at an early age, and what an impact that makes in the community.

My home visits have been quite a learning experience, and reminder of God’s unconditional love.  I’ve been so blessed to work with the CHE trainers and know that their hearts are heavy each day as they interact with the people in the slum.  It’s been amazing to see how the Spirit has been working in the hearts of the Kenyan people.

Today was  a special day for me.  I wanted to sponsor a child from the Bondeni school.  Lynn brought in several students who were needing to be sponsored.  I knew right away – I looked in the tender eyes of a little boy who is four.  Ian’s parents both have HIV.  He is such a sweet boy, and I am delighted that I will begin a journey of supporting him and to see the impact that the Bodeni School (Mission of Hope) in his life.  It brought me to tears and so  blessed to meet him today.

Thank you for your continual prayers and encouragement.  I look forward to our time in Jaska tomorrow.

4 responses to “God’s abundant love and grace

  • Beth McIntyre

    Kristen- Your blog brought me to tears. May God continue to bless you as you serve. Love- Beth

  • Mindy

    Oh Kristen, How cool for you to meet little Ian and to have the opportunity to support and pray for him and his family. I’m curious how the modeled lesson went at the school. hee hee… I’m picturing you with all your spunk and enthusiasm just bringing such JOY to those teachers and students. Can’t WAIT to hear more about it! Love you- Min

  • Carla Miller


    So great to hear from you!! I knew God would use you mightily. I miss you and can’t wait to hear all about it personally!


  • Christy

    What an amazing experience. I can’t wait to hear more about little Ian. How neat to be able to meet him and his family. I’ll be praying for you and for them!

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