We’re back… but was it a dream? Loving the people of Nicaragua

We’re back (12 team members from Indianapolis and 6 from TX joining together to form the Special Needs Mission Team to Nicaragua) … but were we really ever gone or was it just some kind of dream … a picture of what heaven will be like? In some ways it seemed like it. We were away … we were wholly devoted to serving God … and wow was that ever great!  It almost seemed like too much fun to be “service”.  So very fulfilling and satisfying … God giving us the desires of our hearts.

Some of our team (seated) and part of the special needs "Agape kids" from the Rey Salomon Christian School in Managua, Nicaragua (6-10)

But other parts were definitely not things that will be in heaven … seeing their homes and the hardships of living in poverty … seeing the tears shed that a wayward husband has still not returned to his family and how very hard that is on the mother of a severely disabled child … visiting a sick child in the hospital and being in complete shock at the conditions there – row after row of crying babies under the constant care of their mother who has only a hard folding chair as her residence 24/7 – the nurses only dispense medicine, occasionally, and the doctors come around only once a day – otherwise, the mother is the only care-giver for her ill child – the only hope for healing.

Living in poverty.....

Offering love and understanding to one of the special needs families

But then I again remember the “sweet spot” we were living in … hugging and playing with the delightful Agape Special Needs children; offering hope to the families of these children and experiencing their love; our team imparting God-given knowledge and skills to the Special Needs teachers; modeling God’s love and value for these special children and families in the school and community; singing, clapping, dancing, and yelling in church during a worship service that was on fire for God!

What sweet memories … and yes, we really were there. It wasn’t just a dream … I seem to have every moment imprinted on my heart which is overflowing with love for these precious Nicaraguan people, for my wonderful team of true servants, and for my God who was so gracious to have called us there.

a performance of traditional dance given by the special needs children in our honor

Playing with Edward – he couldn't walk, talk, or move an inch on his own but boy could he smile – what a sweet spirit

fun games and silly songs with the Agape kids

Lisbeth loving the puppet!

Teachers' workshop conducted by our special ed teachers & college students, physical therapists and other team members

a special needs parent meeting where we encouraged the parents to be part of their child's teaching team (be involved and support the teachers)

delivering a pediatric stander to help some of the physically challenged kids to stand

Silly games with some of the Agape special needs teachers – and yes, that's frosting on their noses! (all the better to pick up marshmallows with!)

Gotta love those Agape kids!

Really loved our Nica 6-10 Special Needs Mission Team (this is the Indy part of the team minus Dora, Sofia and Bonnie)

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