Mexico 2010 – Wednesday

Today we did something different – we were able to travel to two new sites to complete three houses that were left incomplete by other teams. All that was left was for us to do the second layer of stucco, so we slept in a little and started our day later. Since we knew today’s work wouldn’t take us more than a few hours, we took a laid back approach to things.

We split the groups into a smaller group and a larger one. One team was left to complete one home, and the larger group went off to complete two homes. The larger group’s interaction was limited to one of the families since the other family was at work, but that interaction was great and allowed us the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them.

The funniest moment was when we were working by the front door and Jim McGhee was concerned that one of the children kept begging for water. He wanted to give him some of ours so that the child’s need could be met. I laughed when I listened closely to the conversation. What Jim thought was a child begging for something he didn’t have turned out to be a child begging for water after biting into a pepper his mother warned him not to. His cry was for more water to ease his pain. It was cute, and though I wanted to help the boy out, his mother was in control of the situation.

Tomorrow we break camp and head back to the US, and even though we are excited to get back to our families, a part of us wants to stay here and continue to be in this community with each other. We know we can’t, but we long to keep this community as long as we can.

One response to “Mexico 2010 – Wednesday

  • chris badger

    I thank you and all of the mission team. I have been worried about my son but I know he has always been in God’s hands. Thanks for helping spread God’s love to those in Mexico and my son.
    He need to really trust god in all things. Love ya. See you all Saturday

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