Home Again

Today we came home from San Diego. Even though I have only been home for about 4 hours, I’m already missing people, and, most of all, Mexico. I would just like to say that I had such a great time in Mexico with my friends and people I didn’t know all that well before the trip. I am just so grateful for the multiple opportunities God has given me to go on this great trip. One thing I love about this trip is how much it strips away from you. Everyday, we came back to camp and took a shower and everyday, everyone would always say how good it had felt. Now, last time I checked a, nasty, bug-infested shower that doesnt really even clean you off, wouldn’t normally feel that great to anyone. I think it’s cool how much we have at home and how amazing a feeling it is when you have virtually nothing. It just is amazing to see how much God has blessed you, and I know that for me, even being only 13, it really shows me how much God has already given me and I’m pretty sure everyone else feels the same way about it. So thank you again to everyone, especially Jose, Mr. Tooley and Mrs. Rovazini, for making this trip GREAT!!!!! 

Ethan Smith

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