Meet TPCC’s Kenya September 2010 mission team

Jambo (hello)

It’s almost 9:00 a.m in the States, but nearly 4:00 p.m in Egypt (as we fly over) as I write this post. It’s impossible not to stop and take a moment and think about the events of nine years ago today. Our world is an awesome place and traveling across the globe on 9/11 helps me understand humanity’s frailness and the awesomeness of this magnificent world. May God’s peace cover our world.

Given the long travel, our team has had a chance to become further acquainted with one another, but we should introduce ourselves to the blog readers.

Dave Jamerson – is our team leader. Dave is the minister of outreach and missions pastor at TPCC and an experienced world traveler. Dave has four children and his wife April visited Kenya with the last mission trip and taught dance at the Bondeni school. Dave oversaw both of the church’s prior visits to Kenya, but this will be Dave’s first personal visit to assist in Bondeni.

Cheri Draper – is a wife and mother of 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Cheri has been a member at Traders Point for many years. Cheri is taking her second trip to Nairobi (Sept. 09) and will be working with local women in the microfinance portion of our trip.

Jackie Newton- is a college student at IUPUI pursuing her interest in social work. She has attended TPCC for 4 years and works in the children’s ministry. Jackie will be focusing on students at the Bondeni school doing crafts and songs and other activities with the students.

Frances McCauley – is a wife and mother to three grown boys. This is also her second trip with TPCC to Kenya (Sept. 09). Frances attends Berean Bible Church. Frances will be working with Jackie in the schools.

Marcia Jones- is the third member of our team with prior Kenya trip experience (sept. 09). Marcia is a long-time member of TPCC and a registered nurse. She will be working with FAME doing medical missions. Marcia is particularly excited about giving a birthday gift to her sponsored child (Harrison) on his birthday during our trip.

Jon Wassner – is a teacher of autistic children, and Jon’s passion is animals. (Update – Since we landed but before I posted this, everyone has seen Jon’s excitement rise simply by the sight of animal posters — he’s really going to enjoy the real animals!). Jon is married to his beautiful wife Kelly (who teaches at the academy), and has been attending Traders Point for 4 years. Jon loves futbol – what we Americans call soccer. Jon will be leading soccer camps with the children at Bondeni and Joska.

Brittany Goger – is a recent graduate of Indiana University with a degree in parks and recreation. She wants to be a program coordinator for youth in special events. She is a member of Plainfield Bible Church but learned of TPCC’s mission from a friend. She will be working with Jon on the soccer camps.

Katie Abney – is married to one of our deployed military. She is a recent Ivy Tech graduate in nursing and currently teaches preschool at Interactive Academy. She also will be working with FAME doing medical missions.

Kristi Thomas – Kristi is the mother of four wonderful children and I consider myself extremely fortunate to call her my wife. For the most part, she is the chief executive of our home, but she still travels occasionally as a chalk artist. She will be using her chalk art at various times throughout this trip to minister to kids and adults in the church and school.

Seth Thomas (aka me) – I am a trial attorney at the offices of Ice Miller in Indianapolis. At work, I am a passionate advocate, and I an excited to advocate for our missionary partners with CMFI and this work in Kenya. I will be assisting the mission trip with the soccer clinics and chalk art


Now that we have landed, and arrived at our hotel, we will try to get some rest. We will update you soon with more from Kenya.

Kwa heri (goodbye) from the Kenya Team.

9 responses to “Meet TPCC’s Kenya September 2010 mission team

  • Deb Smith

    Hello Seth–You don’t know me, but I’m extremely interested in your trip. You see…our daughter left from Indy to Kenya last Monday. She’s one of TPCC’s most recent short term missionaries. You will probably be meeting her soon. Her name is Julie Smith. She’s there until Christmas.
    Thanks for writing on this blog. I think Julie will be writing also. In the meantime, if you get a chance, give her a big hug from her mamma…and tell her I love her, please. Also…God bless you and your team as you serve Him in this special way. I’ll continue reading your writings. Deb Smith

  • Ben Hamlow

    Hello Seth–I am glad to hear that the team has arrived in Kenya safely. You and the rest of the team are in our thoughts and prayers. Good luck!

  • kenyateam2010

    Deb – We did see Julie today and I planned on mentioning her work here in a later blog entry! We will definitely spread your love to her when we see her again!

  • Cole & Tonya

    We are all praying for your trip. Know that God is with you at all times, with Him anything is possible. We can not wait for you to get back and share your trip with the Children’s Ministry. Speaking of children, here is the Child ID: 006199, that we forgot to give you.
    In Christ,
    Cole & Tonya

  • John and Diane

    Watching your location through google Earth. Even though you seem so far away you are close in our hearts. We are praying for you and the rest of the team. We love and miss you-Mom and Dad

  • Jim Baker

    Thank you for identifying the team so that our prayers can be specific. Our hearts are in Bondeni with each of you. God Bless.

  • Mary Jo LaPorte

    Hi Jackie,
    Glad you arrived safely. I am so proud of you and know that you will touch so many lives. Your spirit and faith are so uplifting! You and your team will be in my prayers.
    “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” ~ John 13:35 NLT
    Love Aunt Mary Jo

  • Patti Bennett

    Thank you Seth for keeping us updated with your activities.
    It’s like we are there with you all.
    I would have loved to have seen their faces as Kristi’s chalk drawing came to life. I know how I feel and I’ve seen her draw many times and still am amazed.
    It is a blessing for me to know you both and your beautiful kiddos.
    God Bless.
    Patti Bennett

  • ed traugott

    i want to go with jill sima with me she will be my parent so she will take care of me

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