Eye opening

So we are able to end the night and get a taste of home with playing our famous Indiana game called euchre (with my new African playing cards) and I’m learning that we all like to talk smack when it comes to competition (in all love and kindness of course). We had a really good debriefing session tonight after our dinner at the grace house. We have definitely been blessed to have great team unity on this trip. Every new day that we have had in the slums seems to be a new eye opening experience for all of us. Many amazing stories/experiences from today.

The house visits (bringing the light) have been something that we all agree has been one of the most meaningful experiences that some of us have ever had. Having the opportunity to be a tool used by our God to bring the precious hope of Jesus Christ has not only been a blessing to the different families in the slums, but also to all of us as well.

Today we were broke up into 3 different groups and were able to speak with 3-4 different homes. Jon and I had the opportunity to visit 3 different chantes today and all were very powerful visits. The one that stood out to me the most was speaking with this man named Samuel who is married and has children. What really touched me was that he and his wife have both been tested positive with HIV and now his children were beginning to feel weak. He felt as though he was not worthy to do anything at this point now that he knows he is dying. It was amazing go see God’s love through Isabella (a social worker in the slum) talk about how Jesus came to earth and loved everyone so much! Not just healthy people…but tax collectors, lepers, and all sinners and that he died for each and every one of us because he loves us so much. He told us that he has that hope in Jesus and that really touched out hearts knowing that he had that hope, and we encouraged him in letting him know that is the most important gift that anyone could ever receive.

We were able to share with him that there are so many healthy and wealthy people back home in the US that think they have it all figured out, but some don’t understand truth and that makes them as lost as most people in the slums. His heart was touched by this encouragement and we were able to pray with this man, and for his family. It’s been amazing to listen to how the Holy Spirit has intervened in so many of the chantes we visited. Before we started doing this a lot of us were leery and nervous but when God wants His message to get out, he sure does provide a way, even if it just means planting that seed and we have seen/heard about this from everyone during their house visits.

As for the rest of the afternoon, we were short a few team members at the school in Bondeni. Poor Katie had to stay at the Hotel to rest for the day because she was beginning to feel under the weather. While she stayed at the hotel she was able to print a lot of the pictures for the craft that we have been doing with the kids.
Cheri was given the opportunity to work with 15 women in Pangini at the Missions of Hope Building teaching them different skills with using beads and making beautiful jewelry. She seemed very excited at the end of the day being able to speak of the relationships that they were able to build with one another, the fun they were able to have, and the new skills they were able to learn.
Francis had a lot of fun serving at a library in Hazuma and getting the chance to read different Bible stories with the kids there. One of the stories she was able to share was the story of Joseph and his colorful coat. The kids loved it and were very receptive!
Back at the school in Bondeni, Kristi, Jackie, Marcia and I teamed up and by the grace of God we were able to come up with some new ideas to compliment the 7 days of creation lesson since we once again, had the same kids for the third day in a row which we hadn’t originally planned on having. For the little kids, we did some hand motions and went through the 7 days to help them memorize them, reminding them that God made all of these things for us and that we were the best part of His creation and that He made us because He loves us so much! Kristi was able to compliment the hand motions with another one of her beautiful chalk drawings so that they could see pictures while they learned. At the very end the kids were given paper and crayons and we were able to help trace their hands on paper and explain to them that God loves them and they are His children.
The next group of kids were a little bit older and they were able to use animal masks to help compliment their motions while learning creation…they LOVED those masks and they were also able to help Kristi make another chalk presentation which they were really excited about.
Soccer with Jon, Dave and Seth was also another adventure to say the least, since the older kids have been learning soccer skills the last few days, they were able to actually scrimmage this time, and they had a blast! Dave shared that a man from the slum came up and began talking to him and thanking him for the work that everyone has been doing, and that it helps bring hope to the slums. It was really awesome for all of us to know that someone is able to see the love of Christ through just working with the kids.

Today was once again, eye opening for all of us in one way or another. Tomorrow is a big day for all of us, in being given to opportunity to hand out a brand new uniform to every kid at the school in Bondeni. This is desperately needed since some of the uniforms are beginning to turn to rags. It has been such a privilege to be able to work with these children and their amazing teachers. You can definitely see the love of Christ in is school.

Continue to pray for Bondeni, and praise God in the work that He has been doing so far!

8 responses to “Eye opening

  • Deb Smith

    Jackie–Thanks so much for your wonderful stories about today in Kenya. I have a special interest…because my daughter, Julie Smith, is right there with you guys. Except she has a bit of a different situation, in that she stays until December. I bet you’ve seen her…since she’s staying at the Kamau’s home. But…
    reading both your blog and hers is a double treat for this praying mom. Thank you for all you and your team are doing to serve the Lord in Kenya. Please give Julie and hug for me if and when you see her.

  • Deb Smith

    Forgot to finish. God Bless You All. Deb Smith

  • John and Diane

    We could hear your voice as I read your words! (yes, I was crying) What a wonderful experience and spiritually rewarding gift God has given you. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of the team.
    Be safe…oh and Jackie Please don’t drive!!!
    Love and God Bless,
    Mom, Dad, Kelly and Lizzy

  • Betty Baker

    As we learned on the last trip, “flexibility” is the word. It is amazing how God can take our plans and turn them upside down and bless us in ways we could never imagine. Please give our jambo’s and love to Alice, and the Bondeni staff. We continue to prayer for God’s blessing on the team and for Missions of Hope.

    Betty Baker

  • Dana

    I would have to agree with Mom and Dad… please do not drive!! 🙂 It sounds like you are truly having an amazing experience their and I can’t wait to see pictures and hear more stories when you return! Keep safe! Love you!!

  • Cousin Daniel

    Hope your having fun Jack!! Be careful and i agree with te rest of the family… please dont drive!!!! 🙂 Cant wait to hear your stories from the trip and see pictures! We all send our love!!
    Love Daniel

  • Gene & Lynette Harker

    So good to read all of your updates and to hear about how God is working there. We are praying for all of you! May the Lord transform you as you help those in need in that place.

    The Harkers

  • amy robertson

    Actually this is Mam-maw and Pap-paw.

    Reading your daily blogs have touched our hearts deeply. You have brought to life only what we have heard about. The bible tells us that there always will always be poor and we are to reach out to touch them. This you and your group has done admirablly. The pictures are heartbreaking. You must make a journal to share with all of us. Are you on your Safari yet? Have fun.

    Your Mom is doing great. Love and miss you, Mam-maw.

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