A Happy Day (Part II)

Last year I wrote the blog for TPCC after a very happy day of VBS and playing with the children at Bondeni School.  Today was another very happy day for Traders Point as we were privileged to travel from class to class, taking turns as each one of us Seth, Kristi, Jackie, Katie, Frances, Jon, Dave, and Brittany, presenting brand new school uniforms to 472 children.  Dave Jamerson encouraged each class urging them “to continue to always study hard, listen to their excellent teachers, strive to believe God for the great things He is going to do in their lives and wear their new uniforms with pride.”

The children would beam with happiness and excitement as they rewarded us with “WOWs” – a Bondeni School cheer of gratitude!  All nine of us also fixed glow stick bracelets onto each child’s wrist telling them to go light up Bondeni tonight as they traveled back to their homes (very dark shanties of scraps of tin, boards, rocks, and mud.  The glow sticks were a gift from a dear friend of Cheri Draper’s, who was absent from the rest of us doing a second day of teaching a new variant of beading so this group of 15 women can bead and be successful in their enterprise of making beautiful bracelets, necklaces & rings.

We have also been making home visits all week to many families in Bondeni.  Today I was privileged to pray with a 20-year married lady named Dorcas with a year old baby who prayed to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Margaret has been our interpreter and translator was happy to help her find a local church to attend.  Dave and I will return tomorrow to present her with a Bible .  Although I have not been able to work with FAME this year, this has been an extremely joyful trip for me and this wonderful team.  Happy Day Indeed!

Luke 15:10

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