TPCC Making a Difference

Well, sadly today was the last full day of ministry for our Kenya mission team! Tomorrow we will all go our separate ways (4 back to the U.S. and 6 on safari) and I have to admit, I am really going to miss this group! What started out 8 weeks ago as a diverse group of individuals who really didn’t know one other, has turned into one of the most effective and enjoyable mission teams I have ever led. We’ve worked hard together, we’ve laughed hard together, and we’ve seen God do some really amazing things through our lives. More on that later…but first It seems that our team has gotten really good at finding some comical moment during the day that we like to share with you.

Here is our comical moment for today: This morning Seth Thomas and I walked over to the shopping mall which is located right next to our hotel. Seth needed to find a new staple gun to replace the one that broke the day before, so he could assemble his wife Kristi’s chalk art frame. Well, Seth and I were feeling pretty proud of ourselves for finding a staple gun so quickly in Kenya, and were just about to purchase it, when we realized that it cost about $110! Ouch! Needless to say, we didn’t get the staple gun and instead went with $10 worth of screws-which worked just fine.

OK, now back to our team. If you don’t mind, I’d like to brag on them a little bit. Each of them has demonstrated a commitment, creativity, unselfishness, passion, and spiritual depth that has greatly blessed me and the people of Kenya. Let me start first with Jon Wassner. Jon led our soccer clinics in Bondeni and at Joska and has been my roommate during the trip. Jon has amazed me with his servant’s heart, his obvious love for people, his knowledge on almost everything, and his sense of humor. Jon has made a huge impact here in Kenya! Jackie Newton is a 21 year old college student who was in charge of the arts and crafts in Bondeni. She worked tirelessly to finish her creation project with the students which ended up blessing the kids tremendously! Seth and Kristi Thomas were amazing as well. They did almost everything on the trip: blogging, problem solving, chalk art (boy Kristi can really minister!), sports, etc… I am so thankful that they decided to make their 10 year anniversary trip a trip to Kenya! Cheri Draper, Marcia Jones, and Frances McCauley were second time participants and provided incredible wisdom and maturity as well as a deep love for the people of the Mathare Valley that was contagious. Thanks girls for all that you brought to this team even though Cheri and Marcia owned me and Jon in euchre. The last two team members were Brittany Goger and Katie Abney. These two girls served in almost every way possible and constantly surprised me with their hearts and ministry effectiveness.

I want to say a big thank you to the entire team for everything they have done to make this trip successful!! Lives are truly being changed in Kenya through our partnerships with CMF and Missions of Hope International. It has been an absolute pleasure to lead this team and be able to be a part of missions at Traders Point. See you soon.

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