Our team is Home, but TPCC’s Julie Smith is Still Serving in Kenya

Our mission team has been home for about two weeks now, and I am finally starting to get through all of my emails and messages.  Before we left, I sat down with one of TPCC’s own young women, Julie Smith.  Julie was accepted to serve in a three month internship with Christian Missionary Fellowship and the Missions of Hope.  One of my emails was from Julie who was answering some interview questions I had posed to her.   Below is a short interview I conducted with her about this great opportunity to serve beyond the walls of TPCC at 6590 Whitestown Road.

Q.  What is the schedule for your time with CMF?

A.  I left Indianapolis September 9th.  I will be serving in Nairobi, Kenya until December 16th.

Q.  Where will you be staying while you are in Kenya?

A.  I will be staying with Mary and Wallace Kamau (the missionaries who founded Missions of Hope) in their home.  They are also hosting two other young women (Audrey and Leann) from the United States who are also serving with Missions of Hope for a longer period of time (either three months or a full year).

Q.  Will you have a home base during your work?

A.  Yes, I will be stationed at the Pangani center in Mathare Valley.  Among other things, I will be performing home visits with the Missions of Hope staff in the slum communities.

Q. How did you receive this position?

A.  In December 2009, I contacted Dave Jamerson about my desire to serve in a missions organization.  I had traveled a little, I love Jesus, and I enjoy social work.  Dave focused me on CMF and the Mission of Hope.  Soon, I had prepared my packet, I submitted the packet, and I was accepted!

Q.  Since you arrived, what is the most different about Kenya?

A.  Everything is backward from the states.  You drive on the wrong side of the road, you shake hands with the other hand . . . it is going to take a little while to get used to how things are done over here.

Q.  Do you plan on driving in Kenya?

A.  Yes, I am excited to try!

Q.  What missionary inspired you to take this adventure?

A.  David Livingstone.  He was a missionary who fell in love with the African continent, became passionate about their culture, learned their language, and then began evangelism.  He is a great model for loving the place that God sends you, meeting the people where they are, and becoming very close with the place God has assigned you.

Q.  What can I tell the folks back home at TPCC for you?

A.  Thank you to all at TPCC who are supporting me.  The people of Bondeni know of Traders Point Christian Church, they feel the impact of our church’s efforts to bring hope to this community, and they appreciate the partnership we have entered into with CMF.

That is all from my short interview with Julie Smith.  It was a pleasure to get to talk to Julie while we were in Kenya and I encourage each of you to continue praying for her during her time in Kenya.  You can also follow her own updates at her blog:



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