Panama 2011 1st 3 days

Our team of seven has arrived and are settled in the mountain town of Boquete, Panama.  It is great to see the smiling faces of the Guaymi Indians who are the poorest of poor in Panama.  It is amazing to see what a blessing this mission is to them as it assists them with shelter, medical, dental, clothing and education to name a few.  136 people are signed up for cataract surgery next week.  This would not be possible if it were not for the mission and US doctors flying in and giving their time.

The team all rode the church buses up the mountain side on Sunday morning to pick up the Guaymi families for Sunday service.   Watching them come out of their tiny shelters with dirty faces, worn shirts and mismatched shoes will bring a tear to your eye until they board the bus with the warmest of smiles and handshakes for all the gringos.   It was a blessing to all to experience this especially my young kids, Kellen & Tatum.

There is plenty of work to be done in the medical and dental clinics as well there are always several vehicles that need repair work as the terrain down here is sometimes brutal.  Dr. Randy Ruppel, Pediactric ICU doc was even seen working under a school bus today!  Dr. Alan and Debbie Handt always keep you busy and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing.  I pray that we can be a blessing to the mission and the people they serve over the next several day.

Ken Julian

4 responses to “Panama 2011 1st 3 days

  • Brenda Kessler

    Ken and Lorrie. So good to hear from you guys! Sending love and prayers! Brenda

  • Bill

    Kellen – You were prayed for at this weeks 6th Grade Boys Bible Study – specifically that God might use you in a special way as you serve Him in Panama.

  • Stefani

    Hi Julian’s! So glad you had a safe trip to Panama. Look forward to hearing of all of your experiences there! We will pray for all of you! Love, The Raborn family

  • Jackie

    Tatum! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait for you to share some stories with the class when you’re back! Praying for you and the team.


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