Preparing to serve in Nicaragua

It’s hard to believe that after months of planning, we are less than 48 hours away from our trip to Nicaragua.  It has definitely been so humbling to see all of the prayer and financial support that we have received for this trip.  Our Indianapolis team consists of Cathy Wendorff, Jennie Stern, Dora Smith, Jill Sima, Nikki Lewis, Lisa Hurtubise, Craig Gilles and Jenny Curtiss.  We will be serving the children and families with special needs in Nicaragua at Rey Solomon and Los Brasiles schools.  We spent last Sunday at our “packing party” skillfully placing all of the sponsor gifts, physical therapy equipment, wheel chairs and accessoires, teaching materials and much more in carefully measured and weighed bins to take with us on our journey.  We are geared up and ready to faithfully serve the Lord in whatever capacity is ahead.


“Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man’s behalf!” – Psalm 66:5


11 responses to “Preparing to serve in Nicaragua

  • Jenny Deputy

    Prayers for a safe, richly blessed trip. How I wish I were going with you!!!! If you meet Raul at Joshua 1:8, give him a hug from me!!

  • janet, kevin, ted, philip, and elijah

    We will be praying here for God’s blessings overflowing and safety for you all.

    In Christ,
    janet, kevin, ted, philip, and elijah bourke

  • Rob & Jacqueline

    God bless you and we’re praying for you.

  • Chris

    Have a great trip! The Nelson family will be praying for you. Tell Luis that we say hello!!

    Peace and safe travels to you all!

  • Julie Kaminke

    Hey Jen~ Hope your having a safe a blessed trip. It’s sooo awesome to see God working in you and you bringing others to christ! I’m so proud of you! Love you Aunt Julie

  • Judy Carney

    Jen, I have been thinking about all day…Hope all is going well there. I can not express how much we miss you…but we know you are doing what God has blessed you to do. We are lifting you and the team up in prayer. God bless all and we love you…

  • Julie Kaminke

    Hy Jen Hope all is going well so far.. Prayers going up all day for you. Love you 🙂 Aunt Julie

  • Leslie Wiechers

    Hey Jennifer,

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope everything is going well. We miss you!!! Remember lots of pictures–HA!!! Take Care!



  • Susan Cinkoske

    Hi, hope all is going well and that you are having a God Awesome experience. Miss you. Kay does too – they were running wild at recess.

  • Brittany Goger

    Hey Jennie (and the rest of the team) –
    I’m praying for great team unity and that God will use all of you in the area’s that He knows best. What an amazing God we serve! I know you will all do a great job showing these kids the love of Christ. Have a safe trip!

  • Kristi McAfee

    Praying that you are able the bless the lives of others in the ways that they need it!! We miss you Jen!

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