We arrived in Nairobi after quite a long journey and we are so grateful to God that He answered our prayers for a safe and uneventful trip. The total trip was about 24hours, with the longest leg a 12.5 hour flight from Washington DC to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After a brief 2 hour flight into Nairobi, and an hour in customs, we were greeted by our driver, John, from Missions of Hope. As soon as we left the airport, we glanced in a nearby field and saw a beautiful giraffe – and we knew we were not in Kansas anymore. Then, after the hour and a quarter trip in traffic, one of the first things we learned about Kenya is that the traffic rules here are really just guidelines. But we are very appreciative of our driver’s expert handling of the situation. It appears that driving here is really more a battle of wills as opposed to following rules of the road.

We knew immediately we were going to be in good hands when we arrived and met Justine. She graciously welcomed us and visited with us for a while, and we discussed the week ahead. We learned she is from Southern California, recently graduated and felt the call to come to Kenya for a year or so to help with MOHI. Her loving spirit is evident and it is clear she is making a difference here.

Your Kenya Team

Later we were able to spend some time talking with Wallace Kamau, who, along with his wife Mary, is carrying out the vision for the Mathare Valley, where people are suffering in extreme poverty. All of us were tired from the trip and we called it an early evening after our daily devotion, appropriately titled “Here At Last.”

One response to “KENYA AT LAST

  • Delores and Bob

    Amazing, John, to be able to follow you and your group to Kenya. We know you will make the most of this opportunity and wish you great insight.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Jayne in March.

    Delores and Bob

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