Mési Bondye (Thank God)! – Day 3

The joy of the children is all around us as we attended church services today with our Haitian brothers and sisters. Although our languages are different, the evidence of one God, one Spirit was real as my spirit was moved by the words and prayers of Pastor Payot and Pastor Earnest, spoken in Creole.

It feels like coming home to family with lots of hugs and kisses after church and an old-fashioned Sunday church picnic. Instead of fried chicken and biscuits we ate the traditional meal of beans and rice with a spicy chicken meat. Our team took pleasure in serving our hosts and friends. As I served the children in their Sunday school classroom, it struck me that I could be serving the future president of Haiti. The hope in the faces of the children is encouraging in a country that has been victim to so much devastation.

Today I saw the hope of His calling, the richness of His inheritance and the incredible greatness of God’s power. In the eyes of these children is Haiti’s future.

Our prayers are centered today on the women’s group who met with Mary, Beckie, Lisa, Carol [and Corinthe]. We are praying for the burden they carry to support families and feed their children. We are praying for our CHE executive committee that they will be encouraged and trust us as we trust God. We are praying for wisdom as we begin to launch a micro-business program in this community. Tomorrow we will run medical clinics, buy a new generator, conduct prayer walks in the village, and make some needed repairs in the mission compound. We all miss our family and loved ones at home, but today, Caracol, Haiti was truly the best place on earth to be. What a pleasure it is to serve a God like ours.

In Jesus,


One response to “Mési Bondye (Thank God)! – Day 3

  • Christy Williams

    Thank you for keeping the church family updated on your trip! I went to Haiti in December and reading these posts have brought back my memories of the beautiful children. Praying for your group to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus to the Haitian people!

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