My Journal Entry and Devotional Inspiration – Day 3-4

She didn’t know I was watching but I was. I watched her obey the Lord with grace and a joyful spirit. As I lay here on my top bunk I watch Lisa studying how to say Jeremiah 17:14 and “God Bless You” in Creole, I see the determination stemmed from heartfelt love for God’s beloved Haitian children.

With her flashlight’s strap hanging, clinched between her teeth she flips the pages of her English-Haitian Creole dictionary. Speaking the Creole words softly out loud to herself for practice.

The power just went off and she smiled at me and said that she just wanted to be able to say these things to the Haitian people who come into the clinic. My heart was smitten with her joy when she told me how she just wanted to say something to them from her. What servanthood. Not only is she serving these brothers and sisters with her medicinal talent on loan from God, but she is up at 11:47pm studying just to be able to speak to them in their native language. Tonight I saw Jesus in Lisa. She is like Him. She is meeting the Haitians where they are even if it means she has to study, step out of her comfort zone by not only speaking a different language, but learning it with the intent to glorify my Savior and speak it to the Haitians coming in to the clinic. I admire her courage, surrender to love, and her willingness to turn her back on the spirit of fear by stepping out in faith. I praise God for allowing me to see her serve the Lord in the midnight hour. Surely the Lord will bless her by what she was doing, and He will continue to let me see Him actively through the heartfelt service of others like Lisa, and teach me to be more like Him.

I praise Him for showing me yet another way to glorify Him through Lisa as she humbly assumed servanthood by studying to be the hands, the feet and the voice of Jesus.


2 responses to “My Journal Entry and Devotional Inspiration – Day 3-4

  • Kerri Campbell

    Corinthe, your words moved me and brought tears to my eyes. What great work you are doing there. I’m praying for you guys daily. God bless you all!

  • Debbie Harrison

    Corinthe, thank you for sharing what your seeing & feeling on this trip. I have been praying for the team & the people you come in contact with. I don’t know how to thank you for sharing Jesus in such a direct & practical way. Lisa is a friend of mine & a blessing!

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