Nica Rocks!!!

It’s day three in Nicaraugua. Our first day was filled with some much needed rest and relaxazation after our 6am flight. On Sunday we went to a children’s home and got to play with some of the kids. A few of us were blessed to be able to deliver some gifts to a couple families. They were so excited about what we were able to give them. Both families recevied “off-road” strollers in order to push their special needs children to school in. They were so gracious and happy to receive the gifts. They were also very excited to see us and were so welcoming of all these strangers in their house. Family members and neighbors all brought chairs for us to sit in. What a humbling experience to be in their very modest homes and what a blessing it was to see the people welcome us and be so grateful for what we were doing for them. It is obvious that God is doing something amazing here in Nicaragua! We are so blessed to have been picked by God for this mission and to worship him in this way.

Today we got to go to the schools and see the kids!!!! What an awesome day. We got to play with them a lot. One little boy came right up to me and gave me a hug. I picked him up and he just hugged me and layed his head on my shoulder. This little boy was pouring out so much love on to me and he just melted my heart. I will never forget his smile and how excited he was that we were there to see them. We were also able to deliver the sponsor gifts. The families and children were beyond grateful for the gifts. I want to say “gracias” from the families and children to all of the sponsors who were not able to be here to deliver the gifts themselves; and not to worry, we loved on them for you 🙂

To all of our family and friends, everyone is doing great, we are eating well (in some cases better than at home) and we love and miss you a lot! We can not wait to come home and share our stories and pictures with you! We ask that you continue to pray for us and for the work that we are doing here.

2 responses to “Nica Rocks!!!

  • Kelly Keehner

    Praying for all of you there and thanking God for the way that He is using you to love these precious children & their families! He is the God of the nations!!!

  • Don and Suzy Royston

    Praying for you and missing you toooo!! You should feel proud of the work you are doing. Please be safe and keep the messages coming. Also, don’t eat too much.

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