Seeing for the very first time – Day 4

It feels like I’m seeing Jesus for the very first time in new ways. We went on a prayer walk today and I felt my heart cry out to the Lord. So many little girls wanting to hold my hands and when my hands were occupied the children would hold on to my arms or the back of my skirt. They just want to touch you. They want to play with my hair and they giggle the whole time we walk the streets. When they laugh it’s as if I hear the laughter of Jesus. It’s so real. At one point we even paused to dance together!

As I was holding their hands and walking the village streets the three little girls holding my hands (they couldn’t have been more than 5 years old) all looked up at me and began to sing me a song. It moved me to tears. I soon after felt my heart become heavy. I was thinking about how God promises to reveal Himself to all of His creation; this may be my only chance to be with these children? How can I be certain they know that the Great I Am is in love with them? what if I was who He sent to reveal Himself to one of these children who don’t know Him?

I believe wholeheartedly that my Heavenly Father is who He says He is and has revealed Himself to them. My prayer is that their hearts would be open to receive Him despite the devistating circumstances they endure.

From my smitten heart with tears I am praising God for loving the Haitian people and continuing to keep His promise to them in comforting them, providing for them, and for sending His Son to bear their burdens for them.


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