Divine Intervention – Day 5

Today we ran the medical clinic and Dr. Lisa, Dr. Stan and Nurse Mary treated many patients. We also took pictures of the school children who have and who need sponsors at TPCC.

Some of the team members went on a prayer walk to a field where the people have just started to plant crops. Along the way children started to gather and follow us around the community. When we got to the field (literally over the river and through the woods) the gate was locked. We had just started to turn around, thinking it was a wasted effort, when a young boy who was joining us on our walk said he had a key. He pulled a key out of his pocket. We had no idea God lead him to follow us. The key didn’t just happen to be the right key; it was Divine intervention.

Praise the Lord for always preparing the way and proving who He is, not through coincidence, rather through His plan…even the things we think are small on the miracle scale, show us who God is.

Praise the Lord!


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