Children are hope in physical form….Yesterday we toured the Pengani Center and school which we came to realize is an oasis in the midst of extreme poverty.  As we visited the first grade room, we were welcomed by smiling faces and chants of “1,2,3 WOW” and they dazzled us with memorized scripture and bible songs!  You could see the joy in their eyes as they wanted us to reciprocate their welcome. Later we commented how beautiful the children are and one of the social workers commented “Children are hope in physical form”.  We agree.

Later, we had the opportunity to visit the Pengani community.  This was an emotionally challenging time as we witnessed poverty at its extreme.  As we walked with the social workers, they cautioned us to avoid walking in the streams of sewage that flow past every home and business.  We noticed the tremendous respect that the community members had for the social workers and vice versa.  They are doing wonderful work serving our Lord in that environment.

Our time in the community concluded with a visit with a mom and her two children who welcomed us warmly into her home.  We were excited to hear that she had recently accepted Christ and she showed us her new Bible! She also told us about her difficult family circumstances and we had the privilege to lift up her and her family in prayer.  Praise God. Amen.


Your Kenya Team


  • Gail

    It is so encouraging to read that God is doing already–I know that he is using your eyes, words, and hearts with all those you meet. I pray that you are getting the rest that you need to keep up the pace. God bless you.

  • Andy Miller

    What a blessing to be able to use your gifts with a community of believers so unique. Praise God for your faithful courage to venture out beyond the comfortable walls of our country and serve. We are praying every day for you and for those you interact with. May each encounter be evidence of God’s grace and goodness. Be safe and be blessed! Andy

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