Monday night we had our favorite Kenya meal thus far at Oliver and Edna’s house (Edna is the chaplain of Missions of Hope and Oliver serves on the Board of Directors).  They were gracious hosts!

Christ-centered business is transforming lives in the Mathare Valley…..Esther and the Loan Officers took us to visit the loan accountability groups that encompassed about 60 businesses.  The group members were excited to share their business ventures with us….so much so that many insisted on showing us their operation.  Some of those we visited included a farmer, a hardware store, a hotel (restaurant), a book seller, a landlord, two livestock owners, and a peddler.  They were excited that representatives of TPCC had come all this way to see them and wanted to know more about us too.  We observed strong relationships among the business owners as well with their loan officers.

A favorite part of our day was our last visit in Babadogo.  First of all, we arrived on Kenya time, meaning an hour late for the accountability group meeting.  They graciously waited for us and were eager to show us their businesses.  The entire group spent the afternoon together visiting each of their businesses.  One business was a farm and we walked a great distance from the home area so that she could show us her corn, beans and banana crops.  We were touched by the community mindedness by which they supported each other.

Today demonstrated the transforming ability of Christ-centered microfinance as it empowers people with little to no resources.

It was a great day!


Your Kenya Team


  • Michelle Schumacher

    I so enjoy reading about your trip and how God is using you to help our brothers and sisters in Christ a world away! We are keeping you in our prayers and can’t wait to hear more about your adventure!

  • Mary Waltz

    So enjoying reading the updates. Thank the Lord for all the strength He obviously is providing for your daily activities. Seems ‘walking with Him’ at this time if true walking as you travel with the local residents to view their accomplishments. Must be such a blessing to experience their success and their enthusiasm in sharing it with you.

  • Elizabeth Vannoy

    I loved reading this update! It blessed me! Thanks for posting!
    Continuing to pray for strength, health and God’s power to work through you as you get to do His work in Kenya!

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