The Bench – Day 6

After asking for my help, what started as a project for the younger members of our team (my ten year old Annika and her new big brother Scott) turned out to be an amazing metaphor for this whole trip so far, for me.

As the project progressed and materials became more scarce, suddenly zahmi mui (my friend) Kinson showed up with leftover materials and nails. We worked together in spite of the language barrier and started to finish our bench.

When there were some new challenges, Pastor Jean and Ali showed up and then we all worked together. It came together like a piece of fine furniture (made from cobbled together parts) to something we were all proud of. Scott and Annika told me two other people helped them in the early stages so whenever someone asks me how many people does it take to build a bench, I will answer, eight!

The spirit of cooperation, fun and satisfaction of working together on this bench symbolizes for me the amazing camaraderie of everyone on our team.

I am so blessed that God has put me right here where he needs me. Serving someone else has truly blessed me tenfold.

My new friend Kinson told me tonight, “when you go back to your country, don’t forget about me”; that is impossible because bon zahmi (my good friend) is stamped on my heart forever.


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