Blessed Beyond Belief

This morning our team was blessed with a wonderful gift from the special needs students of Rey Solomon Christian School in Managua and Joshua 1:8 school at Los Brasilles. Some of the kids had been preparing and practicing their various talents for weeks in order to perform at the talent show in order to say thank you to us. It was such a joy to see the kids and teachers who we came to serve giving back with thanksgiving.

It is hard to imagine, but  prior to the existance of the special needs program some of these kids may have been hidden away in their homes –  never to be seen because the culture here tends to feel shame because of their special needs kids and because their was nothing available for them educationally. But today, they shined like the true stars that they are and just as God intended them to be. They sang, they danced, they prayed; and yes, we were blessed beyond belief.

In the afternoon we went out into the streets of Managua to deliver food to the special needs kids’ families who attend the school. I was overwhelmed by their hospitality as they welcomed us into their tiny homes, always making sure they brought out enough chairs for each of us to sit down and visit with them. We asked about their families, gave them food, and prayed for any specific needs their family had. Their requests were faithfully for their children and family. But, the part that always got me was as we would leave, they would tell the translator to tell us that they would be praying for us; and, once again we walked away feeling blessed beyond belief.

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