They are Precious in His Sight – Day 7

Tonight was such a joyous evening. I had the privilege of being asked to lead Bible study for a couple hundred children. They were all packed into the pews of the church. The smallest children were sitting on the laps of the older children. The pews were full so some of the children filled the center asile and the balcony. I had some props and a translater to be sure the children understood the lesson. I explained how God created the earth and when I read “it was good” aloud, all the kids screamed “it was good, good, good” in Creole. I know that was sweet music to God’s ears and chants of praise were ringing in the heavens when the children proclaimed that God’s creation was so good. After I finished explaining each day, one child from the audience was selected to come up to the front to stick the pictures (of the sky, the sea, the plants, the sun moon and stars, the animals as well as man and woman) on the globe we taped to a rollaway chalkboard.

I read some scriptures which included John 3:16 and the children would repeat it back to me in Creole. It was amazing to hear their precious voices shouting out scripture.

To close the lesson we sang (us in English and them in Creole) “Jesus Loves the Little Children” about 4 times, and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” a few times as well. It warmed my heart to know that these children are being spiritually fed. Praise the Lord God Almighty for the disciples here in Haiti that are preparing these young Haitian children to do work for the kingdom of God.

We finished the evening by showing them a movie (Toy Story 3!!!) and serving popcorn that Beckie and Scott popped earlier in the day.

Praise God for His works here in Haiti. Praise His Holy Name for the everlasting love He gives us so freely to pour out on others!


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