“When you’re here, you’re family” – Day 6

“when you’re here, you’re family” isn’t only the motto of The Olive Garden restaurant, but it is a heavily weighted value that the Haitian people of Carocal live out. They truly treat you (and each other) like family.

I watch the people and how they love each other, how the school children walk together with arms linked, how families walk the streets holding hands. The way they love each other is poured out over one another by the gallon.

My illness crept up on me today and I was very tired and weak so I was put on light duty by my team. At first I was discouraged because I felt as if I wasn’t doing much to help the people when they came into the clinic we were running in the mountains in a town called Roche Plate. I now know that God wanted to show me yet another example of His love and I needed to stop and rest long enough to see Him in the midst of it all.

I’ll mention one instance in particular; Dr. Stan had just finished examining a 5 year old little girl with the worst case of fungus we have seen thus far. Nearly bald, her head was so covered in fungus it looked as if she had white hair on her head. Nevertheless, she was simply adorable in her little red dress. She was sitting on the wooden pew of the church while Dr. Stan examined her older sister. Next to her on the pew was their little brother, who couldn’t have been older than two; he was crying and had a cold. His nose was running and tears were streaming down his cheeks. After three unsuccessful attempts at using his Tshirt to wipe his nose, his little sister hopped down from the pew, placed her tiny little hand on his forehead, and wiped his tears and runny nose with his shirt for him. Looking to make sure she got it all, she softy patted him on the cheek before climbing back up onto the pew next to him. I saw Jesus in her.

The Haitian people in Carocal are teaching me how to love more deeply and without hesitation. I praise God for allowing me to see His unfailing love in a very sick 5 year old girl. I pray that He heals her and that she may know that her Maker calls her beloved.


One response to ““When you’re here, you’re family” – Day 6

  • Lauren

    That’s the second time this week I’ve been brought to tears by what you are sharing, dear Corinthe. We miss you here, but I’m so thankful you and the team are following Jesus to where he dwells with the poor and hurting. I am so inspired to follow Him too, thanks for posting this!

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