How great is our God!

Going on a mission trip – you (with God’s help) can set out to save the world, bring people closer to God, and gain appreciation for what you have.  We are back now, and boy, was I completely wrong.  Not in a million years, would I think I’d come back learning so much from the people we met along the way.

We are all pretty tired – not from all of the physical labor – but the emotional roller coaster that we experienced.  We saw so much poverty, sickness, abuse, malnutrition, below standard living and enough to make anyone cry while we were there.  In contrast, we have also seen just as much, if not MORE, faith, hope, love, endurance, strength, courage and gratitude than I have ever experienced in my life.  WOW!

We are so grateful for this experience and grateful that God used the beautiful people of Nicaragua to show us how awesome He is!  I know I left a changed person.  My family has grown exponentially.  How great is our God!  Thank you to everyone for all of the prayers and support while we were serving.  We felt every one of them!

I’ll leave you with a verse from our reentry devotional: Psalm 147:5 “How great is our Lord!  His power is absolute!  His understanding is beyond comprehension!”

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