School Days….school days…

Today was another great day.  We visited Pastor Belcer’s christian academy in the inner-city of Managua near the Oriental Market.  The kids and staff were most welcoming and warm….speaking of warm!!!  It has been 98 degrees in Managua all day, in the school it had to be 110!!  And yet these kids were not complianing, smiling, and doing their school work.  These kids really have to want to be at school under such circumstances….God Bless them.

Barb and Rod had an opportunity to have lunch with their Rey Solomon S/N student, Ramses.  They said he was doing so well and his mom was most encouraged about Ramses progress….Rameses is 12.  On a side note, his mom has a 1 hour bus ride one-way to bring Ramses to school every day.  She is totally commited to the welfare of hers son who is special to all of us, but most of all to our Heavenly Father.

Next we moved on to visit Rey Solomon school and English/Spanish classes.  Barb and David spent some time with the English class and teacher Marvin.  They continue to develop a significant relationship with him and his students.  Darryl found himself landing in the senior level Spanish class refreshing his conjugation of Spanish verbs….Darryl speaks fluently Spanish, but the “tune-up” was great.  Along with that, another cool thing was Lynette was able to video parts of this conjugation session.  She will then bring it back for the TPCA Spanish teachers to help our TPCA kidos.  We continue to be amazed at the multiple opportunities to serve and be served.

Tomorrow….is our free day…heading to the potters house, Messiah village and who know????

TPCC/NRN Equipping Team

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