“Tree of Spiritual Growth” anticipates fruitful harvest.

Today was the last day of our teaching at Nueva Vida. Because it was the weekend, we had an addtional 10 or 12 people in attendance. . . . . 51 people today.  An encouraging number of young people continue to attend faithfully.  Yesterday David asked the congregation to bring boughs to refresh our “tree” (after 3 days it was looking a little sad).  Me ( of little faith) was hoping a few people would just remember.  As we started the teaching, the participation of almost the entire body bringing branches to refresh the tree was overwhelming.  It was truly a unifying event, and so symbolic and meaningful to us as we knew you were all worshipping with us and praying for us as well so far away.  David Cupp brought the teaching today, relating character development and suffering.  We are laying the foundation for our teaching the next time we come, Lord willing, on character development. Our meeting closed in a huge circle with lots of tears, humbled that the Lord let us all be blessed by these beautiful people in such a lavish way.  We assured then of their place in our hearts and prayers.

We planned to attend services at Pastor Belcer’s church at 3:00 (the usual time for Sunday services in Nicaragua), but were then invited to “bring the Word” to his congregation at that service.  This was at his central meeting place in the heart of the most crime- ridden area of Managua and Nicaragua; 250 people attend this service. Rod, David and I all taught segments of our “Tree of Spiritual Growth” seminar and it was received well.   This particular service ended after more than 2 hours due to their usual extensive and enthusiastic worship time.  We learned afterwards that the Nicaragua custom is that visiting speakers to the pulpit are given the evening’s offering, so we took it (hold on . . . . just kidding) and gave it back to Pastor Belcer to be used for his school (which we will be visiting tomorrow), which educates  many, many of the  children so lovingly sponsored by members at TPCC.

We were also invited to speak (that same night!) at a revival being held at one of Pastor Belchr’s churches out in the country.  We had to pass due to lack of a translator . . . . . maybe next time.

We cannot cram one more blessing into this day.  Dinner tonight was steak and mashed potatoes and homemade chimchurri sauce . . . .  outstanding.  We have been joined at the Quinta by a 30 member medical team  (physicians, interns and residents) from Miami who come every year to Nicaragua (not a faith-based team).  They are counting and repacking more pills than I have ever seen at one time.  We are all headed to bed – we are beat!

TPCC/NRN Equipping Team

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