Our Play Day…our last day

A great play day, but still with spiritiual significance.  Our day started with a visit to “the potter’s house” in Caterina to visit Marcial and his family.  He is a devout  Catholic and born-again Christian who produces pottery in the ancient tradition of the local area, from the digging of the clay to the finished piece of art. He relates his art to Biblical teaching, particularly the passage regarding The Potter and the clay from Jeremiah 18, and involved us all in processing and throwing the clay.  Truly a moving presentation that touched us all.

Still contemplating our experience, we traveled up the road to Masaya for a Nicaraguan lunch and shopping.  On the way back to Managua we stopped off at Masaya National Park for an up-close look at an active, smoldering, sulfur- belching volcano.  Nothing like this in Indiana . . . . .

Finally in back in Managua we stopped at  a Bible supply company to purchase 20 Bibles for the churches that meet at Cuidad Sandino and Nueva Vida.  One of the pastors was so eager to get them he drove his motor cycle across town at rush hour (no easy task) just to pick them up tonight.

We leave tomorrow morning, rising at 4:30 am for early departures.  We are  processing all we learned and experienced and will be eager to see you all on Sunday and share our adventure with you.

TPCC/NRN Equipping Team

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