We Are All One Body: Ignite Packing Party!

In approximately four days, a group of 20 young adults (ages 18-26), from TPCC’s IGNITE group, will be heading to Managua, Nicaragua to assist Nicaragua Resource Network in the construction of a new church building.  In addition, we will have opportunities to interact and build meaningful relationships with sponsored college students and lead an outreach event for young adults in the Ciudad Sandino community.   The outreach event will be an opportunity for the pastor from this new church plant to invite young adults, both believers and non-believers, from that community to have a fun day with others their own age.   For most of our team, it will be a first experience in short-term missions outside of the U.S.

This past Tuesday, the whole Ignite crew stayed to support this outreach endeavor by joining in at packing party to donate and pack up supplies that we will take on our trip.  Since last September, the whole group has been working to help donate money to furnish new dorms that have been built by groups partnering with NRN.  It was announced that we had raised $1450.00 to donate to further that project.  It is amazing to see what God can do through a group of willing young adults….many who are poor college students or newly employed grads!  It has been good to learn that all of us can be involved in furthering His kingdom, whether we go ourselves or support those who are going.

As 2011 kicked off, we were challenged by Pastor Aaron to spend time reaching out and serving others somewhere beyond our current comfort zone.  For some in Ignite, this has meant becoming involved in ministries for children or teens at TPCC.  Others stepped out into service with Response Church in the inner city of Indianapolis.  Our 20 team members are praying to be used to served those with physical needs and those who need to be introduced to Jesus in Nicaragua.  No matter where we have felt led, we are all striving to carry out the Great Commission.

It seems this trip has been in the planning stages for eons, and now that it’s finally here, we are so excited to see what God has in store for us.

Last Sunday afternoon, we had our last preparation meeting as a team before the trip, and we were fortunate to be able to meet Ginny and Cecil, the two missionaries who will be taking us under their wings and guiding us during the trip. Ginny and Cecil have been with the NRN for many years and are now serving in Nicaragua at least nine months out of the year.  Their time with us was both inspiring and helpful to put us in the right mindset and prayer focus for the trip.  We are going as learners, listeners, and servants first.  Our goal is to reach out, develop and deepen the relationships that have been growing by the efforts of many before us.

In addition to serving those in Nicaragua, we look forward with excitement for interaction between our team members.  We have faith that God has placed each member of this team here for His special purpose.

May God be glorified both in Nicaragua and at home while we all reach out to fulfill the Great Commission.

Ignite Packing Party

#Nicaragua Team May 2011

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