Nicaragua: An Organized Chaos

“We all shine under the same sol…”

In Spanish, the word “sol” translates to “sun.” This was a memorable quote we saw on the back of someone’s t-shirt when we arrived at the Augusto Cesar Sandino Aeropuerto Internacional this morning. So much truth is in that statement as we are all made in the image of God and we are all called to shine our light in order to spread the light of Christ Jesus. Each and every one of us as God’s creation is called to do this, under one big sun. Not only does this define our purpose, but it also unifies us whether we are from North America or America.

After arriving in Managua, Nicaragua safely, we were picked up by our friends from Nicaragua Resource Network, Cecil, Aaron, Pastor Oscar, and Mario. In all of it’s glory, Nicaragua has shown itself to have a theme: unified chaos. We saw this in the aeropuerto with the amount of instruction (or lack thereof); we saw this on the roads as we drove to La Quinta Primavera (where we are staying); and we saw this in the schools and homes occupied by the wonderful Nicaraguan people.

We had the opportunity to visit the Colegio Cristiano Rey Salomon, the primary and secondary school for children of the area.  What a beautiful site to see so many children learning together amidst all of the heat, noise, and people walking through during the day. In this organized chaos, these children have to learn to rise above their circumstances. In Nicaragua, the distractions are ever present, and the children learn to rise above them. They hold classes in any space they find, even an art class in the back hall of the school. The teachers are paid but this amount isn’t enough to bring them out of poverty. It is definitely very different from the school systems in North America.

We are eager to see how God is going to be glorified throughout the week as we open our hearts and minds to the people we meet, and the work we are here to do.

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