A Universal Language

Despite the obvious barrier of language between us “gringos” and the Nicaraguans, the one universal language between all of us is laughter. No matter what, laughter is one thing that is never mistaken, never misconstrued, and always contagious. Today was our first full day here in Managua and what a full day it was. We woke up early to the most amazing breakfast cooked by the staff of La Quinta, Juanita and Yolanda. The rice and beans, scrambled eggs  and Nicaraguan coffee were delicious here.

Our time today was spent cleaning up the area for the college dorms, sanding, painting, more painting, and even more painting. While we were serving the area by building theses dorms, we were convicted that as we are here to help build, we are not only building dorms, but we are building relationships. Playing with the neighborhood children was so humbling. Their simple joyous smiles, laughter, and eagerness to play with us was so much fun. They have so little, but their joy is great.

After lunch, a group went to Pastor Wilbur’s church at Ciudad Sandino to continue in the mission of completing the church. They worked on compacting the dirt into the ground in preparation for the cement floor. During our time here, our goal is to complete the foundation/concrete floor of the church. We are looking forward to the completion of this church to see how it will continue to impact and invest in the Nicaraguan people in this community.

Our devotion tonight had us focusing on Deuteronomy 31 and how there have been many people before us and now this is our time to take the baton and run the race God has prepared for us. He has been preparing each and every one of us for this trip, to take the baton from previous servants of Christ, and run this race in His perfect timing.

Krista Mnichowski, Anthony Noles

One response to “A Universal Language

  • Inga Noles

    It sounds as though you are all working very hard. I have to tell you that it brought tears to my eyes when I read the line about you playing with the children. I am sure that you are all making a wonderful impact on not only the children, but with everyone you encounter. I will be praying for you and the work you are doing.
    Keep the laughter going it truly is universal.

    Inga Noles

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