Supporting one another

New Signage at Haus Edelweiss

It was a bittersweet time as we headed in for our evening meal.  All the graduates have departed for their home countries to continue their ministries.  Many of the country directors have left as well.  The conversations tonight centered on the graduates, the week’s activities and the country reports.  One theme that kept recurring was the overwhelming sense of community here at Haus Edelweiss.  All of those here – staff, short-term workers, long-term workers, students, educators, directors – are focused on spreading the Good News regardless of the roles they have.  Whatever is needed is done.  Each person supports each person here.  It is a delight to watch the exchange of ideas, people lifting each other up in prayer, people serving one another.  There is true joy in this Haus and it comes from complete focus and dependency on God.

Exciting things are happening in several countries in the name of our Lord and Savior through the work at TCM.  It is satisfying to know in some small way as short-term workers this past week that we have all had a part in this effort.  We may not be running the front lines and facing the tough, everyday challenges that these graduates and country directors face, but we can continue to provide our support through prayer and also through giving of our time, monetary gifts or other donations.  Won’t you please take a moment to lift up all of those working through TCM, and ask God for His blessings upon them and their ministries?

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