Delayed Getting To Austria

Part of the Traders Point short-term mission team has arrived in Haus Edelwiess on Thursday, May 12, one day later than planned but ready for the first day of training and working with TCM‘s staff. Word has gotten to us that the larger group will be coming in tomorrow. Until then we will learn the history and logistics of this forty-eight year old ministry that has been equipping Christian leaders in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Northern Africa and what is expected of us during our service here.. We have been told that in 2008 TCM International Institute was granted accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

On the outside it’s a quiet piece of heaven located approximately sixteen miles outside of Vienna in the foothills of the Alps. Inside the activity happens at a feverish pitch. There are classrooms to prepare, grounds to manicure, facilities for the graduation to be set up and furnished. Meals have to be prepared and support staff to be assigned to the various needs surrounding the ceremony. In the midst of all this activity, the Murphy’s still manage to do some souvenir shopping for their (our) granddaughter back home in Indiana. The staff here is so appreciative, professional, and just plan fun to be with. The team here from Greenwood Christian Church are well matched to the needs here as well.

Where is the rest of our group from Traders Point? Stuck in the Dulles International Airport. Maybe we’ll see them tomorrow.

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