TPCC Arrives In Austria

The rest of Traders Point’s mission team has finally arrived on May 13, bleery eyed but excited to get started after traveling for two days to get here. Tricia Fortin, Paul Hagan, Andy and Tracey Hensel, and Greg and Karlene Kashman came through the gates of Haus Edelwiess at 1:30. It’s good to see reinforcements, even road weary as they are for the mountain of work ahaead of us.

Paul writes of their their trip:

“Our ten-day TCMI short-term mission trip to Haus Edelwiess started on Wednesday, May 11th.

Our flight from Indy to Washington DC (Dulles Airport) was scheduled to depart at 2:25 PM. After boarding and deplaning from two different airplanes and waiting on repairs to be completed on the second, we finally departed Indy at 9:20 PM. Missing the final flight for the day over the Atlantic, we overnighted outside of DC. We then were rerouted from our original itinerary and arrived at Haus Edelwiess Friday afternoon. OUr original itinerary had us scheduled to arrive the day before around 10:00 AM.

Though late in arriving, we were thankful for the travel safety God provided. Through the challenges put before us, it was readily apparent how God answered each one of them. Now the challenge is to recover from the jet lag and prepare for our time of service.”

With a graduation taking place and people arriving from all over Europe, it’s no time to sleep now. There is work to be done. As John Wayne would say, “Saddle up and ride. We’re burning daylight.”

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