Over the course of this trip, we have found a recurrent theme…not only among our team, but among the Nicaraguan people. We were blessed to have the opportunity to be able to attend a worship service at Pastor Wilbur’s church Wednesday evening and the Scripture that moved all of our hearts came from Psalm 133.

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!”

Unity has been our theme and will continue to be the theme not only for our team but for our Traders Point family, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world.

Each one of us has had a unique perspective on the trip so far based on the people we’ve met, relationships we’ve built, the laughter we’ve shared and the things we’ve felt God doing in our hearts and on this trip.

  • “I am encouraged and amazed by the hearts and service of the people and young adults on this trip.” –Rhett Morehouse
  • “God has made some very beautiful people in Nicaragua.” –Molly Menard
  • “I gave piggy back rides, practiced algebra, practiced my Spanish, did fulfilling work, interacted with the amazing Nicaraguan people and the people on the trip; it’s been great.”- Nathan Bleeke
  • “God is revealing his beauty, power, and love through the people and places of Nicaragua!” –Zach Thompson
  • “Living in and seeking the power of the Holy Spirit daily.” –Sarah Lang
  • I have cement everywhere! Thank you Mario! –Kristin
  • Aaron- Amy
  • “The beauty of this country…with the people, the trees, and the mountains…takes my breath away every day.” –Christina Bleeke
  • “Participating in authentic worship by serving and by being served. It is amazing to see God working in Nicaragua! –Jeremy Reagin
  • “Having met a wonderful friend today, she will be in my heart forever.” –Christine Haselrig
  • “What an amazing activity to deliver sponsor gifts to students and enjoy the wonderful appreciation of the students.” –Darrel Schierling
  • “What a wonderful time God is giving to the people of Nicaragua through this beautiful group of angels from Traders Point Christian Church. Keep bringing the joy of the Holy Spirit. Keep his fire up. God bless you. –Aaron (Translator)
  • “Watched the faces of dozens of children light up as they received their sponsor gifts; one face will forever be on my mind. Oscar, I’m blessed to have met you! –Andrea Manzer
  • “Sunblock? Optional.” –John Sima
  • “You cannot outwork a Nicaraguense.” –Erica Eisenhut
  • “God, you are opening my eyes to your power to sustain and transform lives.” –Lauren Carter
  • “Water! Sunblock! Are you peeing?! Stephen!!! Honestly having an amazing time and meeting awesome people!” –Annaliesa Forsberg
  • “Sacrifice.” –Stephen George
  • “I am truly grateful for this opportunity to serve and worship with the people of Nicaragua, my brothers and sisters in Christ, unified under one common cause.” –Anthony Noles
  • “This trip is continuously opening my eyes to new cultures, new people, happiness in the simple things, opening my heart to how God is the great unifier, and daily dying to myself in order to live for the One who died for us.” –Krista Mnichowski
  • “The smiles of our children that we sponsor and the church members at Ciudad Sandio are forever etched in my mind.   Also….”this team of young adults from Ignite is amazing.” -Lynette Harker

2 responses to “Unity

  • Susan Thompson

    I cannot stop the tears rolling down my cheeks after reading your comments. Thank you all for being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ! God is so good all the time!!!

  • Weave77

    I’m so proud of you, Andrea- so very proud. Continue to be God’s perfect vessel, and come home to me safetly. You are in my heart and prayers every moment of the day.

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