Monday in Joska- SO MUCH TO SHARE

The sound of a rooster really gets you going early in the morning! The team woke up fairly early to begin the day.  The Joska team fed us well with French toast, potatoes, and sausage.  They even had Corn Flakes.  As always, we enjoyed the hot chai tea.  Great fellowship.  In this fellowship we learned to not worry about what others think or their judgement, but to act with kindness, generosity, and love.  God has a specific purpose for each of us.

Throughout the day, the team members participated in various opportunities.  Becky and Jane helped Rachel (the nurse at Joska) with administering de-worming medication to the students. They also taught them about scabies and preventative measures.  Rachel has been the nurse at Joska for almost three years, and she will be the only one until the new clinic opens. Joska is in the process of building a new clinic near the opening gate of the grounds that will also serve the surrounding community.  Nurses like Rachel are actually like nurse practictioners; they stitch up wounds, prescribe medication, etc.  People only see doctors for major problems because there are so few of them. Cory and Jacob worked with Baraza (a gentle, G0d-loving, and hilarious man-also the handyman at Joska). They repaired desks for the students. Cory also took numerous pictures. Lauren and Jeff spent a lot of time with students in classrooms, either listening and taking notes (they’re favorite was the Kiswahili lesson), or teaching them new dances and songs. They did a wonderful job! Vince did an outstanding job filming the drama students and various scenes of the Bible. It really was an amazing thing to watch. Stephanie assissted Vince by taking pictures. The whole team bounced around did as much as they could.

After watching students prepare for a competition, it began to rain. We had to run for shelter, which was the awning of the nearest building (the service workers’ homes).  The rain began to blow into us, so a few girls took us to take shelter in their kitchen ( a room with a fire pit).  This was perfect until it began to rain so hard and the wind became so strong that only the nearest left corner was dry.  Imagine ten people trying to cram into a corner! Mostly, the rest of us were shielded by Vince, who began to yell as the rain and wind pelted his face.  It was quite hilarious. It rained for so long that it began to flood, and some men came to “rescue” us from the room.  This was fortunate for half of our group because we were brought into Baraza’s home, and we began to share the Word of the Lord.  There we were, almost fifteen of us in maybe an 8×8 space, encouraging one another.  Our group was probably mostly encouraged with some of the students giving their favorite verses, while we read from two different Bibles and Baraza excitedly, passionately, and with conviction shouted the Word of the Lord.  What a blessing the rain was today- for the people of Kenya and for our group so that we could share in the love of God.

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