Nothing or Everything?

DSC01798Some would say that the people in the Mathare Valley have nothing–or very little. Little food, little clothing, no electricity, no plumbing. Yet, there is an unmistakable twinkle in their eyes and a hope that extends from each end of their smiling lips. What is it that they have to be so joyous about? How can they smile while slushing through sewage everyday, walking miles to go to work or school, struggling to survive? The answer lies in something that many Americans take for granted. Something on which we focus our minds only on Sundays. The answer is Jesus Christ. They have everything–the hope of a life after this sinful world passes away. It’s humbling to say the least. One imperative aspect that God has provided in order to keep encouragement high is the workforce in Missions of Hope- the teachers, service workers, social workers, CHE employees, etc. These God-loving men and women have dedicated their lives to transform the Mathare Valley- one life at a time. Hope has been given to the people of the community through the workers’ love, devotion, and passion for sharing Christ’s sacrifice for us. Mary Kamau said it well today; the need seems overwhelming. Where do we begin? Where do we end? What do we do? The key to this ministry, however, is to touch ONE person’s life at a time, in that moment. The Valley of Darkness can be changed into the Mountain of God one person at a time.

On a humorous note, we nearly collided, oh, a thousand times today riding in the matatu. I exaggerate, but we laughed as we squirmed in our seats, thinking, “Yes, this will be another story to tell…”

Continue praying for us as well as all the workers associated with Missions of Hope. We love you and miss you all.

2 responses to “Nothing or Everything?

  • steve ellson

    Hi. Tell Becky that we miss her and the entire small group will be praying for her on Friday. Tell her we love her and cannot wait to hear her stories of the trip. SKE


    Isn’t it amazing. Your words are so true, reaching out and saving one life at a time is the only way!

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