NIcaragua- Day 1

We’re here! The flights went very smoothly with little complications. Once we arrived at the airport in Managua, the look on everyone’s eyes were perfect descriptions of their emotions. Some of the sponsor kids and our brothers and sisters under God were there to welcome us, and for those who were returning, it was a wonderful welcome back. We grabbed all of the tubs and duffle bags and placed them in a big yellow school bus and made our way to the Quinta (the compound we’re staying at).  Once we arrived and unloaded the bus, we had a debriefing segment and then everyone fell asleep in a new bed, in a new country.

Morning rose and we were blessed with a wonderful meal prepared by the kitchen ladies, Yolanda and Juanita. Soon after everyone was washed up, we went out to the porch and participated in our morning devotional. The main question struck hard with our group: why am I here? In all honesty, I believe that we won’t be able to answer that until we are back at home and telling the life-changing stories that God has in store for each of us.; all will be explained in God’s time. Soon after devotions, we had to unpack and organize all of our tubs and duffle bags (all 30+ of them). Expecting this to take well over 2 hours, we are blessed with a good group of hard working women and completed all of the necessary sorting within an hour. Due to the quickness of our sorting, we were rewarded with some down time.

After our siesta (resting period), we were notified of a wedding that would take place later in the day. Since some of us knew either the groom or the bride (the groom is a sponsored child, now a grown man), we decided to partake in the wedding. It was simple, but the message was not. It was genuine and sincere and brings a new meaning to a wedding. Seeing this kind of love in a situation as today, it opened our eyes to what it means to be married.

The night is drawing near and we are all well worked, though there is plenty to look forward to on the next-coming days. God is with us at all times and He is guiding us on the path that He has planned. Keep up the prayers, they are much appreciated. God bless.

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