Zambia Missions Trip – Day 3

Sunday, June 19th – Day 3:

After various amounts of sleep (some of us slept really well and others had significant meditating time during the night), the team feels much more rested and refreshed.  We had lovely cool sleeping weather (remember it is winter in Africa – so high 70’s during the day, and low 50’s at night), a rooster (a real one) to wake some this morning, and our “Paul Revere” Mark who woke the rest of us – by knocking on each of our doors at 6:00 AM.  Since many rely on cell phones (no coverage), we appreciated our volunteer wake-up call!

Following breakfast, we all walked over to the village accompanied by Patson and Patricia – a 1/2 hour walk – to get our first glimpse of the orphanage/school/church.  Walking through the villiage was remarkable, the people warm and welcoming, the conditions – dusty, impoverished, primative, and eye-opening! We heard the children repeatedly saying “Mzungu” (white people), and many inquiries of “mulibwanji” (how are you?) to which we replied “Bwino” (I’m OK).

Patson and Patricia gave us a tour of their home/orphanage/church/school.  It is remarkable how much work has been completed since Dave and Chris were here in March, but still so much work to do!  We met so many great people, including Patson & Patricia’s 5 children – Isaac, Patson Jr., Joyce, Gabriel, and Shirley, as well as many other family members and church members. 

Gary, Brenda, and Jen led a group of children in singing and acting out “if you’re happy and you know it” and several other childrens songs.

Spending time in worship together was the highlight of our trip so far.  The ladies led the music and were phenomenal – with a haunting, uplifting harmony that sounded instrumental – truly inspirational!!  Our very own Pastor Dave offered a wonderful message on Faith – reminding us that God is bigger than our circumstances, and will reward those who hear him, believe in him and step out on faith! Patson translated and added his own confirming comments, and Bryce led us in a couple of songs Traders Point style, and then the church served us a very nice snack of shortbreads, cookies, and ice cold Fanta Orange and Coca Cola in glass bottles!   How quickly the time went and before we knew it we had made many friends, assurances that we would return the next day for our planned events and then our walk back through the village for a little R&R, study and preparation time.  We had some great debrief time, a T-bone steak dinner (did you say “butter”?), and then a logisitics planning meeting before turning in for the night.

We will close with the phrase we heard repeatedly at church today, and wholeheartely believe:
God is Good All the Time – All the Time God is Good!!!!!

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