Nicaragua- Day 2

And so begins the first day of our purpose to be here. Waking up fairly early and having yet another well-fed morning, our team started off with another devotion. Today’s message was all about love. Show your love to the children, to the teachers, to the citizens, and to your team. Love is a very strong feeling and is easily shown when you truely love what you are doing. A quote that came to my mind throughout the day was this- “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart,” and that is one thing to remember, especially being on a mission trip.

Shortly after our spiritual preparation, we loaded up the bus and headed to Rey Solomon (one of the schools we are involved in). A special moment was when we were all on the bus and prayed Nicaraguan style. This includes praying outloud. Just hearing all of these sincere prayers being lifted up to God was a moment that I will remember for a long time. I felt His presence as we were riding down the streets. Arriving at the school, no one really knew what to expect but everyone was willing to help. We started off by doing a workshop with the teachers. The accepting characteristics of each of them was phenominal. All were willing and very engaged in the activities that we had prepared. After a lunchon to treat the teachers and staff, the secondary and special needs children arrived. The smiles on their faces and open arms made all of the worries melt away. They love us and we love them. We did multiple activites and theraputic activities as well. A small group of the special needs children baked a cake and they were extremely proud of what they had done for us.

As the school day was nearing its end, all of the children were giving us hugs as they were leaving, also asking to have pictures taken with some of the team members. We are building long-term relationships with each of them, especially in the eyes of God. If there is just one thing to remember that is the quote i mentioned earlier, wherever you may go, go with all of your heart. Pray for our days ahead and for the people of Nicaragua. God bless.

3 responses to “Nicaragua- Day 2

  • Glenda Andrews

    So good to hear that you all arrived safely and are ready to go. I like the quote too – “wherever you go, go with all of your heart”. I am sure all of the people of Nicaragua love having you there and are excited to see all of you. Their wonderment is probably so engaging. God bless all of you.

    Dave and Glenda Andrews (Arin’s parents from Minnesota)

  • Christina

    Have an amazing time in Nicaragua. Your group has been on my heart every day even since before you left. The Nicaraguan people are so wonderful and full of love. I hope you enjoy and cherrish worshiping at Pastor Wilber’s church. Darrel please say hi to everyone for me and tell them I miss them… Especially Mario and his family. Grandes cosas Dios hara en Nicaragua. Dios les bendiga.

  • Nicole Rives Schierling

    So so so proud of you. Praying for you and Dad and your team, the people you are serving, and for your Spirit to continue to be filled and blessed!! I love you!! Love the pictures!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! 🙂 Love, Aunt Nicole

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