Zambia Trip: Day 4

June 20th – Day 4

Welcome to day 4!  The team started the day with enthusiasm for our 1st working day at the orphanage!  We had breakfast followed by a great devotional by Gary, and then demonstrated our flexibility by hiring the local lodge flatbed truck to take the team and our supplies (14 heavy duffle bags) into the village, when the scheduled bus didn’t show up.

The men quickly got to work with one crew going to buy paint and the other starting on hard manual labor.

 They made tremendous progress in just one day, working patiently among the many people coming and going!  Some of our work crew ended up with nick-names, and we will leave it to the individuals to explain on their own: 
Fierce-Lilac Ron,

Triathelon Gary,

Buster Dave,

Jay the Hammer,

and Crusher Mark! Did you say butter?

 Of course Chris has a nickname but for different reasons – “Keep Moving” Chris!

The women unpacked and quickly organized our 14 bags of supplies.  We’d like to give a big shout-out to Jackie Newton for organizing the supplies for the school.  Cathy had an opportunity to provide the women with tips and tricks for using the pit latrine*, and we had an opportunity to meet and help some of the women with cooking, teaching, and relationship building. 

Jen, Laura and Kym helped out with the classrooms and took on an enthusiastic and energtic group of children!! Enough said for now.

When the women arrived for our 2:00 bible study, we expected any where from 10 – 25, however, we had 42 women come for our study and with a passion to learn more about God and His Word!  What a wonderful session, with testimonies, some pointed questions about salvation, a couple of great teachings, and a bone-chilling closing as the ladies sang about our mighty God in their hauntingly beautiful voices!  Thank you to the Traders Point women who helped Brenda and Cathy prepare for the women’s studies who are continuing to pray for the Zambian women!!

“Action-packed” would be an understatement in describing our day, however, we would also say “rewarding” and “blessed” would apply as well!  Our dinner around the table tonight was joyful – full of laughter at our stories of the day, and fruitful as we talked through our learnings, take-aways and logistics for the next day! 

God is good all the time – All the time God is good!!

*Step by Step Instruction to Success of the Zambian Pit Latrine(Cathy Style!)
Step1: Open door.
Step 2: Turn around and back in slowly(BUT NOT TOO FAR!).
Step 3: Close door and latch closed.
Step 4: Get TP handy.
Step 5: With feet planted to front, sit low, leaning far back, bracing with one hand on back wall.

3 responses to “Zambia Trip: Day 4

  • Martha Eaton

    Thank you for sharing each day! Continuing prayers for God’s work through each one of you. You are all special!

  • Greg Harber

    We are praying for all of you every day. Thank you mama (Jen) for helping the orphans. They can see Jesus in your heart just like we did when we were orphans. Love, Aravind, Aruna, and Lesly.

  • JD Schaumberg

    I love hearing how everything is going. Sounds (and looks) like God is really working through you guys! Keep it up!

    Sidenote: I think we all need a picture of this “latrine” so we can fully understand Cathy’s directions!

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