Zambia Trip Day 5

June 21st – Day 5

Day 5 started with a near disaster, as Mark – the “alarm clock / Paul Revere” overslept. The team made a quick recovery and managed to get ready and thru breakfast in time for our 7:30 AM daily devotional, which was provided by Cathy.

The walk to the orphanage was a bit more eventful as we stopped to by 20′ lengths of lumber to complete the trimwork at the orphanage.

We managed the lumber and several large bottles of water to make sure the team stayed hydrated. The men got right to work and had a very productive day!! We’ve had several great praise reports and the men of the church have reached out for additional knowledge about God and the Word.

Please keep the men of Lusaka in your prayers, as well as the men on the mission trip that they continue to be recognized for the role models that they are and have the opportunities to share God’s Word!

The “teachers” on the trip went right to work with the school children and had a very successful day.

Miss Tina and Miss Kym led the bible story about Noah’s Ark and a craft – with each student making a rainbow.

Miss Laura taught the children a wonderful song and dance called the BUTTERfly Song. The children were enthusiastic and had so much fun singing and dancing and attracted a lot of people coming by to watch – how touching!!!

Even Charles (our rambunctious child) participated and had a huge smile on his face as Miss Tina helped him with his dance moves! Tina, Kym, Laura and Jen were with the children all day, including overseeing the feeding of them.

The school children quietly settled into coloring a picture of Noah’s Ark after lunch – praise God for this wonderful time with the children!!

The women’s ministry is also going very well! We had several women come by in the morning and early afternoon for introductions, prayers and discussion. We have had a group of local women praying specifically for our team as well as the women’s program. Brenda and Cathy had another great turn-out of 35 women who came to learn more about God and his Word. Today Brenda taught on the story of the Samaritan women at the well – how appropriate as we witness women coming every day to draw water from the well and carrying it back to their homes in large containers on their heads. How easy it is to transport ourselves back to biblical times and imagine what it must have been like to meet Jesus at the well – with his offer of grace and forgiveness, and even more spectacular as he revealed himself as the Messiah!

Our time at the church/school/orphanage culminated with a prayer service and Pastor Dave offering a message about prayer and how powerful our time with God can be if we include a time in His presence to “listen”. We had many, many people come forward for prayer and our team had the opportunity to pray about so many serious needs that are in the community.

This is just further validation of the great work that Work of Grace Church is doing in this community through the leadership of Patson.

Our day ended as typical with dinner, laughter, and then debriefing. Chris is leading us well and offering so much encouragement, support and leadership. Please continue to pray for our physcial, mental and spiritual strength. We appreciate all that our prayer teams are continuing to do for us

Again – what a humbling and rewarding day!! Blessings from Zambia!

God is good all the time – All the time God is good!


3 responses to “Zambia Trip Day 5

  • cindymeskauskas

    My girlfriends and I have been praying for all of you, especially Brenda and Cathy and their women’s ministry, and I smiled as I read about Brenda teaching the story of the Samaritan woman; remembering our pre-trip discussions about the stories she would share. I also felt called to pray for the men on this trip this morning and low and behold there was a request in today’s blog to pray for those exact things that I prayed this morning. God’s peace to all of you.

  • PendletonGals

    It is fabulous hearing about all the great things happening with you all. Keep up the hard work. Our love and prayers to you all! God is Good All the Time – All the Time God is Good!!!

  • Helen Stanley

    Everything alright on the homefront. I am so excited to read about your trip and can’t wait till you get home to learn all about the trip. Yes, God is good. Prayers and blessings to all. HS

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