Nicaragua- Day 4

‘My apologies for the lack of recent posts. The past few day have been very eventful and enjoyable. In short, we spent the day at Joshua 1:8 (the name of a school here) and helped out in a class of special needs children. Smiles and laughter were present all the time. We did different activities such as music, arts & crafts, and watching a movie.

The following day (aka today) we returned to Rey Salomon and did similar activities with the special needs children there as well. There was one moment where one of our translators, Aaron, welcomed all of the children and told them what they were going to be doing and all of them started chanting and yelling and laughing. The amount of joy in the room was tremendous! You can tell just by the smiles on their faces how much they loved to be there. Just to have an idea, when you walk around the school, children say hi to you, give you hugs, tell you, “God bless,” and completely embrace you. It’s a feeling that you cannot repeat.

After we left the school and ate dinner, we got dressed up and headed to our sister church, Tabernaculo Agua Vida, with Pastor Wilbur. It was so awesome to attend a service in this “budding” church, so to speak. Seeing the fusion of people, hearing tongues from different nations, and seeing the connections between the different worlds was very moving. A memeber of our team (one of many to participate) sang a song first in English and then in Spanish. That is when it hit me that we are together, brothers and sisters, working to spread the love and grace of Our Father. Great things are happening here and I am honored to have seen what God is doing with these people.

Here are some thoughts and journaling of some team members to share with you:

To my TPCC family: Thank you for all of your prayers! I can say that they have all been
answered, and we are blessed to serve such loving, appreciative kids, families
and schools. It is very hot and our team is busy from sun up to sun down and
loving every minute of it. We just returned from a service at our new daughter
church “Tabernaculo Agua Vida” (Tabernacle of Living Water) what a great job
the Ignite team did in May. Awesome service, I can’t wait to come back! I miss and love my family, and can’t wait to bring you here. Today, June 23rd  is Nicaragua’s Father’s Day so happy day to my wonderful husband, Mike! Vaya con Dios, y gracias por su ayuda!  Blessings, Monique Clipper


Our time here has moved along so quickly. We were able to visit our daughter church
in Cuidad Sandino last night and tonight and it was very encouraging to see the
church building with a roof and temporary electricity. Pastor Wilber is a very
committed servant to the youth there in that community. Pray for continued
support for that ministry. –Darrel Schierling

There have been moments on this trip I have to stop and pinch myself and ask, “Is this
really happening?  Do I really get to serve God in this specific way?” In a country without laws to ensure a child with special needs will receive an education,
schools like Rey Solomon and Josua 1:8 choose to open their their doors
to these kids. What a privilege it is as a special education teacher to walk
alongside their staff, learn about their programs see their students’ needs and share
helpful information with them through workshops and consultations. God has
opened many doors because He cares about these kids and loves them more than we
ever can. The way He has put our team together with our gifts and talents is
amazing. He orchestrates the details when we open ourselves to serve Him for
His glory. –Liz King

There will be more thoughts and views put on here later on in our trip. Keep up the prayers and God Bless.

2 responses to “Nicaragua- Day 4

  • Christina

    WOW!!! The church looks incredible!!! I was going to say that I cant believe how much has been done in 3 weeks but then I can because as we learned on our trip… No one can out work a Nicaraguan… Especially when it comes to concrete :). I am in awe of how beautiful that church is. God bless your team and god bless all of the wonderful loving people in children in cuidad sandino. I pray that your team will experience God’s love there and build lasting relationships as our Ignite team was blessed to experience.

  • Jennie

    Wow! A lot has happened since the groundbreaking. LIz, I can’t wait to hear about your week!

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