Zambia Trip: Day 8

June 24th – Day 8:

As of late last night hot water was restored to Laura & Cathy’s bathroom and Jen and Kym’s bathrooms, after 2 days of no hot water. We’ve once again demonstrated our flexibility – and swapped showers as needed to wash away the day’s dust. Laura and Cathy’s shower has now been restored to premier status.

Similar to previous days, the men hit the ground running and met their goal today to complete the painting. There are a few touch up items to be completed, and Terry (hired painter) will be able to finish those next week!

Pioneer woman Kym took over the outdoor kitchen duties and learned how to make fritters for us all (think fried donuts). What a delicious treat in the middle of the day!

The children decorated hats today, and studied the life of Christ from birth through resurrection. They colored pictures, stretched, had a trail mix snack(courtesy of Mark), danced, and signed big thank-you cards with pictures and names to thank Mr. Enoch and Miss Esther – a fun and active day! Although we will see some of the children at church on Sunday, it was bitter-sweet to say good-bye!

Our women’s bible study started with the ladies arriving throughout the day to chat and take advantage of the opportunity to finish writing notes on the lessons we taught throughout the week. Today we had a wonderful time together, with Brenda providing teachings on the passover and the last supper, which culminated in the sharing of communion. Bryce played the guitar for the women while they sang “Nothing but the Blood”, and Cathy summarized the week and led the women in making a remembrance bracelet to take with them. We had an average attendence of 35 – 45 women each day this week with a total of 55 different women attending this week. What a blessing – we will miss them!

The team is exhausted and looking forward to showers and early bed tonight. With the hard work coming to completion today, the team is really missing their families. The plan will be to enjoy R&R tomorrow locally, and then we’ll attend Church at Work of Grace on Sunday. We’ll also fit in some significant debrief time during the week-end before preparing for our journey home on Monday (arrive on Tuesday).

Thank you once again for all of the prayers and encouraging notes on our blog. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Blessings from Zambia!

God is good all the time; All the time God is good!

2 responses to “Zambia Trip: Day 8

  • Stef Covert

    We have been so blessed to hear all that God has been doing in Zambia. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. We can’t wait to hear all about it. Please tell Jen that we love her and miss her!

    Stef & Judy (Jen’s sisters)

  • Martha Eaton

    As your time of hard work there in Zambia comes to a close, we continue our prayers for all of you. It has been a blessing to follow your journey by this blog, and to see what all you have accomplished each day in God’s work. The people of Zambia must be so grateful! We will be praying for a safe journey home to all, and look forward to hearing about all the details. Hugs and Kisses Bryce….We miss and love you very much! Mom & Dad

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