Nicaragua- Day 8 (final day)

Today was our final full day in this beatiful country. Half of our team left to go to stay a few more days on an island for a girls quinceanera party (15th birthday’s are a big deal here). It was really sad when we realized that our team was going seperate ways, for we all have gotten so close to eachother.

For those who stayed here, we had our day off (or a fun day you can say). We went to Masaya,Granada, and Catarina to do various activities. At Masaya, we went to the national park there and went way up into the clouds (literally) and saw a volcano and a huge crater. The amount of greenery and life in this area is unexplainable, but hopefully our pictures can help you understand the beauty. When we were up there, the sulfur from the volcano was in the air and the clouds were very low so we were in a constant fog, though that created an adventure for us and it was a lot of fun. After looking down into the huge crater (to give you an idea how big it is, it takes 2 hours to walk around the outside of it), so began the day-long down pour. We got back into the van and headed to Granada where we did a little more sight seeing (granted it was still raining) and made a stop at an excellent coffee shop. Let’s just say that it was no Starbucks and the drinks were phenominal. Soon after we went back to Masaya and went to a market where we got to look around at all of the crafts and goods offered. Following our lunch, we went to Catarina, expecting to see a beautiful view of a crater that’s filled with water, but it started to fog up really bad due to the mixture of humidity and rain. We returned home and everyone started to pack up, which was difficult to realize that it’s really endind. Speaking on behalf of everyone, our time spent here was amazing and God’s love was shown daily.

Like I said in the last post, here are some more thoughts from some of our team members:

I’m not sure if my words can describe this experience, but I’m going to try! Throughout this week I was reminded daily that “love” is an action verb!! I have been blessed with meeting so many amazing people at the two schools we visited. The teachers, kids, parents, and therapists are truly a gift to this area of Nicaragua. When I first arrived, I was a little nervous about the language barrier, but that prayer was answered on day one. I have never felt a stronger connection wiht people so soon. A smile, a hug, and a laugh can cross all cultures. no words were needed. I am so thankful for this experience and I know God has incredible plans for the people of Nicaragua 🙂 -Arin Andrews


This trip has been the most eye-opening experience I have ever been a part of. With this being my first trip to  Nicaragua, I am amazed with how welcoming and appreciative all the people are here. I am so glad I got to be a part of something like this. Thank you all for the prayers. God bless. –Kelsey Peterson


The people of Nicaragua are warm and loving. It is amazing to come here- a long way from home- and worship with them. Worshiping the same God that loves us all. Another highlight has been working with the special needs teachers, students, and parents. It was been a week of sharing ideas and building relationships. Miss you all at home. –Amy Leinhart


I felt so blessed to have been a part of this trip. The people of Nicaragua are the warmest and most welcoming individuals I have ever met. A favorite quote I have been focusing on this week says, “Be careful how you live your life; you may be the only Bible some people read,”. I hope and pray that I have been half te living example of God’s word as the children and people of Nicaragua have been for me. Thank you everyone for your prayers. God bless -Donna Peterson

As a final thought, said by one of our helpful translators, Luis, “It is not goodbye, it’s see you later,”. God set everything up and made this His plan for us to be together this week, putting our talents and weaknesses together so that everyone can benefit. He did great things this week and I am so excited to see what He has planned for other groups coming down here in the future. Please pray for a safe trip home and we are all anxious to see our loved ones soon. God bless

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