Zambia Trip: Day 10 – Last Day

June 26, 2011 – Day 10

Having spent the previous day relaxing and reflecting, we awoke per our “normal” time to walk for our last time through the village to go worship at Work of Grace church with Patson, Patricia, and the congregation. Before leaving, Bryce led us in a singing devotional – two songs that we’d planned to sing in church today – “Nothing But the Blood”, and “Open the Eyes of My Heart”. We are coming together as a “choir” although still not star quality – we’ll do in a pinch.

The walk was much like our other walks – dusty and full of hellos from the children and adults, but a bit more somber knowing this will be our final walk through the village to and from the church/orphanage/school.

Church was a wonderful celebration full of worship songs (both our TPCC led songs and the beautiful melodies of the church), and a very meaningful message delivered by our Pastor Dave, really calling the church to faithfulness and commitment to continue to grow God’s kingdom in the community – so appropriate!

Another one of the highlights of the service was near the end when Pastor Patson asked the TPCC women to come to the front of the church. The Work of Grace women came in singing a wonderful traditional worship song – wearing identical wraps, and proceeded to pull out a matching wrap for each of the TPCC women and wrapped them in our new “skirts” – uniting us as sisters in Christ. What a meaningful and touching moment – making it even more difficult to say good-bye.

After many pictures, we split into two groups to return to the lodge, with a small group stopping by a young girl’s house to pray over her mother who was too ill to attend church. Loss is so typical in this village as another one of our church mothers had lost her 3-year old child the day before.

After arriving back to the lodge, we all boarded the bus to travel into a market-place where we had the opportunity to shop for hand-made souveniors, and/or buy a snack or soda. Some of the men weren’t too thrilled at the prospect of shopping, however, they managed to find some pretty cool items and turned out to be great bargainers! Back at the lodge we had dinner together for the last evening with Patson and Patricia joining us.

After a pretty thorough debrief, the team turned in to begin planning for our departure tomorrow.

As we sign out this evening, we will be journeying over the next two days – departing Monday afternoon and arriving home Tuesday afternoon. It has been a pleasure sharing our journey with you – all of the blessings and challenges, and we greatly appreciate all of the prayers and encouragement you have provided to us! This closes our blog, however, our memories will live on!

Blessings from Zambia!

God is good – all the time; All the time – God is good!

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